Kate Hudson’s Daughter Rani is a Pampered Princess in an Adorable At-Home Spa Day

Kids truly have it made. From the daily naps to the perfect skin to the lack of responsibilities — yeah, youth is wasted on the young. Kate Hudson’s 4-year-old daughter Rani Rose, who she shares with fiance Danny Fujikawa, is enjoying the good life today, and honestly, we’re super jealous. The little girl is doing a little mid-week relaxation with an at-home spa day hosted by her famous mom, and it includes an amazing foot massage.

In the most adorable video ever posted by the Almost Famous actress, a camera pans past a bowl of avocado and a bowl of ice to show Rani. The preschooler is lying down on a towel, mushy avocado covering her cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, and two cold cucumbers de-puffing her eyes. Her blonde hair is pulled up in a bun, and she looks totally relaxed. In fact, she even says, “relaxed” in the video in the cutest voice.

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Then, the camera shifts, showing Hudson treating her daughter like a pampered princess. As Rani lies down, taking care of her T-zone, her mom is sitting cross-legged on the couch, giving the 4-year-old a rejuvenating foot massage. Hudson smiles at the camera, then reaches over to help her daughter adjust the cucumbers on her eyes. It’s pure, uncomplicated bliss.

“It might be time to hide the avocados… 🥑,” Hudson joked.

One person commented, “Made me laugh out loud. This kid has it dialed in!! Lol.”

“This is just precious!!! 💗” someone else wrote. Another commented, “Girl!!! Live that life! 💖”

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Let Rani inspire you to take some time for self-care today. You may not have a famous mom who can give you foot massages, but you could sneak in a homemade face mask and a quick nap to help you make it to the weekend.

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