Chrissy Teigen Reveals She's Received 2 Blood Transfusions While in Hospital but Is Doing 'Fine'

Chrissy Teigen is updating fans on her recent hospitalization.

The 34-year-old model was hospitalized on Sunday night due to excessive bleeding from her placenta, and revealed in a series of posts on her Instagram Story, as well as a post on her Instagram feed, that she received two blood transfusions on Monday. Teigen is currently pregnant with her third child, a boy.

Posting an old photo from New Year's Eve, Teigen wrote, "hello from hospital. about to have my second blood transfusion which truly truly truly sounds more dramatic than it is. It’s an IV, but instead of fluids, the blood of some kind human being out there."

Then, noting that she and her unborn child are "completely fine," Teigen added that she is "just missing the little things like walking…cooking…playing with the other buttbutts."

"came across this little gem from ringing in 2020," she continued, speaking of the throwback photo she posted where she sits at a table with a glum look on her face while wearing a feathered "Happy New Year" crown. "It all makes sense now!"

Later in her Instagram Story, Teigen posted a shot of a blood transfusion guide that is given to hospital patients, alongside an animated image of Sonic the Hedgehog making a worried face.

The cookbook author then shared a further update on her blood transfusion from her hospital bed, saying, "I got some blood from somebody, so if you donate blood, it goes to actual people. People that might be me."

"I kinda feel like I definitely have somebody else inside me right now, which is an odd feeling to have,” she added. "I had my first blood transfusion, which sounds so much more dramatic than it is. It’s just like an IV, except it’s not fluids, it’s human blood."

Teigen then revealed that she had an allergic reaction to the blood transfusion, which made her think, "'Oh, whose blood is this?'"

"And also, I bet there would be so many people out there who would be so mad if they got my blood," she continued. "Like some hardcore MAGA person that would be like, 'This is Chrissy‘s blood? Nooo!'"

Prior to her blood transfusion updates, Teigen revealed through a series of posts on her Instagram Story on Sunday that she is spending time in the hospital after weeks of mandatory bed rest due to the excessive bleeding from her placenta.

The soon-to-be mother of three shared that she is halfway through her pregnancy and that her bleeding issues have been going on for a "little less than a month."

"We're talking more than your period, girls, but definitely not spotting," Teigen said. "A lot of people spot and it’s usually fine. But mine was a lot."

She added: "Every time I’d go to the bathroom it would be blood, but honestly, just laying there would be blood. But today the big difference was that it kind of was like you were to turn a faucet on to low and leave it there. … It was at the point today where it was like never stopping."

Teigen then went on to talk about her growing baby boy, saying, "The baby is so healthy, growing stronger than Luna or Miles."

"He moves a lot," she continued. "He's moved so much earlier than they ever did. He's like a rollie pollie. We have like a million great pictures of him. He's just so different than they were. So he's so strong and I'm just so excited for him because he's so wonderful and just the strongest little dude, so I can't wait for him."

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