‘Worst thing you can do’ to your houseplant in hot weather – heatwave care tips

Houseplants: RHS advises on watering techniques

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With temperatures on the rise across the country, houseplant owners may be worried about their indoor plants. While many houseplants are from tropical climates, they will need more love and attention as the climate indoors becomes more hot and dry. Felix Wilson, from Unclutterer.com, has revealed his tips for looking after houseplants in hot weather.

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He said: “The common assumption is that when the UK is experiencing a heatwave, it is best to move houseplants into a cool spot near a fan.

“This is actually one of the worst things that you can do.

“A fan will dehydrate the air around the plant. This robs it of moisture and causes it to shrivel and even die”.

Water the soil

Rather than dribbling water onto the plant’s leaves, houseplant owners should ensure they are watering directly into the soil.

To ensure a plant needs water, do the finger test.

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Stick a finger a few inches into the soil and feel whether it is dry or moist.

If it’s just the surface that is dry and the soil underneath is moist, wait a few days before watering again.

It’s best to use room temperature water rather than hot or cold water which can shock the plant.

Don’t leave the plant in water

Leaving plants to sit in water can lead to root rot and attract unwanted bugs and flies.

When watering, remove the plant from its decorative pot so it’s just in its original pot.

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Once the plant has been well-watered leave it to drain either on a draining board, in a sink or in a bath.

Bigger plants should be watered gradually so the water doesn’t flood the top and reaches the roots.

When to water

Water houseplant in the evening or in the early hours of the morning to prevent leaves burning.

This will also ensure water doesn’t evaporate too quickly.

Spray plants

Tropical plants love humidity so misting them in the heat will make them especially happy.

For those without a spray bottle, move them into the bathroom while taking a shower or having a bath.

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Position them correctly

It’s best to move houseplants into the coolest room in the house during hot weather.

Don’t prune plants in hot weather as this will stress them out and could cause permanent damage.

Find out what they need

Every houseplant will have slightly different requirements.

Some prefer shade while others will thrive in dappled sunlight.

Some prefer humidity while others like to be watered regularly.

Take time to research which plants you have and what conditions suit them best.

Keep an eye on them

Signs of wilting, drooping or changing colour could be a sign the plant needs a helping hand.

But this could also be a sign of overwatering.

Orange spots or rust on the leaves are usually a sign that a plant is drowning.

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