Spoilers: Rose tells Cash she has feelings for him in Home and Away?

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) have recently woken up next to each other in the back of Rose’s car, after a drunken night out which ended with the two of them collapsing in her vehicle until morning. The situation rapidly went downhill after Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) peered into the window, saw them together and immediately assumed the worst.

However, after Cash sets the record straight with Felicity, he begins ensuring everyone keeps Jasmine (Sam Frost) in the dark. Rose confronts him about his decision – why can’t they be honest about what happened? Nothing went down between them, they just had a few too many drinks and fell asleep. Cash says Jasmine has enough to deal with, but Xander overhears the exchange and is shocked to hear Rose spent the night with her sister’s boyfriend.

When Cash leaves, Xander (Luke Van Os) checks in with his sister and suggests that maybe Cash didn’t have innocent intentions when he invited Rose out for a drink – so that’s why he’s hiding it from Jasmine. Rose is stunned; she hadn’t considered that.

Later, in the Diner, Irene (Lynne McGranger) invites Xander and Rose over to dinner so the family can stay connected. However, Rose rudely turns the offer down, leaving Irene perplexed. She asks Cash what that was all about, but he has no answers – wanting to keep a lid on the drama. However, Xander knows what the issue is – Rose has feelings for Cash.

Xander asks how long she’s felt this way, and she admits it started when she first met him. Ever the optimist, Xander suggests the feeling could be mutual. Rose is determined to try and forget the night with Cash ever happened, but Xander takes matters into his own hands. He slips away and calls Cash, inviting him to Salt. Rose is furious when Cash appears, but when Xander leaves them alone, will she take the opportunity to tell him how she really feels?

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