Always losing your keys? This simple solution will end the nightmare for good

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The nightmare of mislaying the front door key is finally over thanks to a clever solution from a UK security firm. Ultion, which makes consumer door locks, has just launched a brand new key that comes packed with Apple’s AirTag technology tucked inside. This means the moment you mislay the little lump of metal you simply grab your iPhone to track it down again.

Not only will an exact location be shown in Apple’s Find My app but directions and distance from the key will also be displayed plus there’s even an option to belt out an alarm so your key will be discovered even if it’s slipped down the side of the sofa.

Apple actually launched its little AirTags early last year but this is one of the first times that the technology that powers them has actually been built into another product.

Until now, you could only attach a physical AirTag disc to your keys via one of Apple’s pretty expensive accessories but now you simply need to buy this unique little key.

Another bonus of using this latest technology is that it even works when out of Bluetooth range from your phone.

That’s because the Ultion key location is relayed to the owner through one of the hundreds of millions of Apple devices worldwide which can all be used to find missing AirTags by communicating with them in the background.

And don’t worry about security as all of this location data is encrypted so only the owner will see where it’s been left.

Now, you might be wondering how this technology gets its power and what happens when things run low? The answer is simple as all AirTags, including the Ultion key, feature a standard CR2032 battery that can be popped out and replaced after around one year of usage.

If you think it’s time to switch your locks then Ultion’s KeyTags will begin shipping from August priced and are priced at £39.

The only thing you’ll need to be aware of is that you’ll need to have a compatible Ultion lock for the key to work.

If that all sounds too complicated then you can also buy AirTags directly from Apple with them costing £29 for one or £99 for a pack of three.

Accessories to attach the AirTag to keyrings start from around £29.

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