‘Disguise them’: How to use tea bags to deter cats and foxes from ruining your garden

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Gardens are attractive places for pets and wildlife as it gives them plenty of places to explore. While it is good for them, they can be a nuisance for gardeners who spend lots of time taking care of their lawns, plants and crops. Keeping animals out of the garden completely is hard, but protecting plants and crops can be easy.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, QVC’s Gardening Expert Richard Jackson, said: “Keep cats off your seedlings and young plants with tea bags.

“Spray old tea bags with deep heat type muscle treatment.

“Then place it in problematic parts of the garden and, if needed, cover with a sprinkling of soil to disguise them.”

Tea bags can also be dabbed in peppermint or eucalyptus oil.

The expert added: “These smelly oils should last at least two weeks, even if it rains.”

This tea bag trick can also be used to deter a number of other animals, including foxes.

Foxes also love frequent visits to the same garden for many different reasons.

According to Gena Lorraine, gardening expert at Fantastic Services, foxes may enter the garden because they’ve found a safe source of water, for example a pond, fountain or a swimming pool.

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The expert explained: “[They may also enter because] you feed other wildlife, whether it’s birds, squirrels or hedgehogs.

“If you feed them, then a fox is bound to visit you at least once in a search for free and easy food.

“Make sure you use proper feeders for the other wild animals you intend to attract, or the foxes will have easy access and visit your garden often.”

If gardeners notice foxes are paying frequent visits, Gena recommended blocking all entrances to the garden.

The expert said: “Block all entrances, inspect your fence for any holes or loose boards that can be easily moved.

“Don’t leave food for your cat or dog outside during the day, especially at night.

“Cover any sources of water too, ponds, fountains and pools.

“If you can cover them, try to obstruct easy access to them.”

Outdoor toys should also be brought indoors at night.

According to Gena, foxes love to play just like dogs and can entertain themselves with toys and shoes all night long.

The expert added: “Block any entrances to spaces beneath your house, decking, or into your shed.

“Also used plant-based fertilisers as those containing blood, fish, or bone meal attract foxes.”

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