Monkeypox locations: The 12 countries with confirmed monkeypox cases – ‘be aware’

Monkeypox: Dr Chris outlines the main symptoms

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Monkeypox started unexpectedly crashing through Europe after igniting in the UK last week, with tens of cases in several countries. The outbreak has reached an unprecedented scale, having spread far beyond its endemic areas in African countries. Health officials have now discovered cases across three continents, where they are rapidly multiplying.

Which countries have confirmed monkeypox cases?

After moving on from endemic regions in rural African nations since May 14, health authorities have confirmed 82 infections.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified another 28 suspected cases.

These are spread across three continents and at least 12 countries so far.

The monkeypox cases identified so far by the WHO include:


  • Belgium: Two cases confirmed
  • France: One case confirmed
  • Italy: Three cases confirmed
  • Germany: Three cases confirmed
  • The Netherlands: “Several” cases
  • Portugal: 14 cases confirmed, 20 suspected
  • Spain: Seven cases confirmed, 23 suspected
  • Sweden: One case confirmed
  • UK: 56 cases confirmed
  • Switzerland: One case

The Americas

  • USA: Two cases confirmed, one suspected
  • Canada: Two infections confirmed, 17 suspected
  • Argentina: One case confirmed


  • Australia: One case confirmed, one suspected

Middle East

  • Israel: One case

Should you be worried about monkeypox?

The UK currently has the most significant load of confirmed monkeypox cases of any affected nation.

The first few cases emerged in London and have since spread throughout the country.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is primarily responsible for handling the outbreak and reported a further 36 cases on May 23, bringing the total from 20 to its current level of 56.

The UKHSA has not disclosed exact areas where infections have emerged but did confirm the disease has achieved community transmission.

Unlike Covid, monkeypox can only travel via close contact, including partners and people living in the same home.

Officials expect the case totals to continue increasing globally, with US President Joe Biden dubbing the outbreak a “concern”.

Dr Susan Hopkins, the UKHSA Chief Medical Adviser, told people to “be aware” in a warning today.

She said people should contact sexual health if they notice a specific set of symptoms.

Dr Hopkins said: “Alongside reports of further cases being identified in other countries globally, we continue to identify additional cases in the UK.

“Because the virus spreads through close contact, we are urging everyone to be aware of any unusual rashes or lesions and to contact a sexual health service if they have any symptoms.

“A notable proportion of recent cases in the UK and Europe have been found in gay and bisexual men so we are particularly encouraging these men to be alert to the symptoms.”

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