Dr. Pepper Announces Nationwide Shortage Amid COVID-19

Dr. Pepper drinkers are taking to Twitter to express their sadness over Dr. Pepper’s latest tweet. The cherry/amaretto (there are 23 flavors in total) tasting carbonated cola is experiencing shortages due to its cult following stockpiling it during the Coronavirus epidemic.

With fewer consumers getting their fix at restaurants in fountain form, the increased demand for at-home consumption has left grocery stores high and dry. Addressing the issue, Dr. Pepper as responded to CCN Business with: “Rest assured we’re working with our local distribution partners experiencing low inventory levels in certain markets to meet this increased demand, and we encourage every loyal Dr. Pepper fan to continue checking their local retailer for their favorite varieties.”

Those with the stock at home may want to consider drinking their spoils a little bit slower these days. In other food and beverage news, Starbucks announces S’mores and Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccinos.
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