You’ve been cleaning your house wrong – the MASSIVE area everyone forgets about but is FILTHY

IT SEEMS like every day you are discovering that you might not be as clean and tidy as you thought you were.

Apparently, you've been neglecting this one massive area in your home that could be absolutely filthy: your walls.

Hear me out: although you might not see it, your walls can get super dirty with handprints, shoe prints, dust, and even bathroom and kitchen splatter.

When a user asked blogger Not the worst cleaner how to clean walls, she revealed there are several ways to do it depending on the finish.

"To start, I always grab my mop and a bucket of warm water," she said.

"For my flat walls, I add a little bit of vinegar to the water, especially because those are in my kitchen and it gets the oil, smoke residue, and splatter stains here.

"It gets the job done easily and my walls will dry on their own."

As for walls that have a glossy or semi-glossy finish, she claimed she uses a little bit of soap but that the key is to wring out the mop really well to avoid any streaks on the wall.

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She dries off the wall with either a dry mop or a microfiber cloth to avoid any streaks and deposits of water that could damage the wall.

Previously, a cleaning hack had gone viral on TikTok where people were using paint rollers dripping with water and disinfecting products to clean their walls.

However, a cleaning expert revealed this hack can be doing more harm than good.

"That's not cleaning. You're just rolling chemicals on the wall," he told the user.

"The proper way to clean walls is by hand with a cloth."

And after someone had admitted that it wasn't particularly to clean their walls, but to make the home smell better, he said: "That's still a waste because it will only smell nice when wet, not when it's dry."

A second cleaning expert chimed in and added: "That's not cleaning though – it's a paintbrush, it's depositing product and not cleaning."

And a third one added that this could be a fire hazard if done over and over again.

For example, laundry products such as scent beads are very hazardous and people are using them as aromatics.

The difference with this new way of cleaning is that the blogger in no way is asking people to add any detergents to the bucket water.

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