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THERE'S nothing worse than sitting uncomfortably in a pair of tight jeans after a big meal.

So one woman's 2p hack to make things a whole lot easier has been labelled "life saving" by fashion fans.

Jada explained that her hack works perfectly anytime you have a pair of jeans that are a "little snug" around the waist, or if you're going to be sitting down in them a lot.

"All you have to do is take a hair tie," she began her TikTok video.

"Just hook it on the button and then go through the buttonhole – I go through it twice – and then hook it back onto the button.

"And boom.

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"It literally gives you like inches of extra stretch and no-one's going to notice that unless they're really looking."

If you feel self-conscious about showing the hack, you can just pull your top down a little bit to cover it up.

"Problem solved," she grinned.

Jada added in the caption: "This hack changed my life!"

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And people in the comments section were also quick to thank her for sharing the incredible idea.

"Wowowowowow this is truly genius," one wrote.

"You just changed my life," another gushed.

As a third wrote: "I love this idea! I think belts could help cover it."

"I do this ALLLLL the time. Game changer," someone else commented.

While another suggested: "Also, if the fly starts to slide down, put a key ring on it, hook it onto the button and then proceed with the hair tie hack.


And others insisted the hack worked a treat when they were pregnant as well.

"I did this all the time when I was pregnant and my jeans were juuuuuust starting to feel too tight, but I wasn’t big enough for maternity pants yet," one wrote.

"Me my first trimester and half my second," another added.

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As a third commented: "This is what you do in the early days of pregnancy before you buy maternity pants haha!"

And considering you can get a pack of 100 hair ties on Amazon for just £2.99 – making them 2p each – the hack is certainly a lot cheaper than buying a whole new pair of jeans.

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