I wore a cute bathing suit but my tan lines made it awkward – especially in low cut tops | The Sun

HOPING to look cute by the beach, a blonde bombshell sported a high-neck swimsuit with thick straps.

Although a good idea in the moment, it backfired on her when she realized the tan lines it left behind.

Beauty TikToker Karolina Buchert (@karolina_buchert) prioritizes “feeling good” above all else.

Her recent predicament, however, likely did the opposite.

After a day spent soaking up the sun, she was excited to show off her bronzed skin in a low-cut top.

But she quickly learned it didn’t look as good as she had hoped.

“Most awkward tan line award goes to,” she began in the clip.

Panning the camera down to reveal the low-cut top she donned that flaunted her cleavage, there was a slight problem.

Because she had been wearing a high-neck bathing suit before, only a small portion of her chest was sunkissed, while the rest was pale and pasty.

Her two-toned upper body looked a bit strange in the sexy top.

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Rolling her eyes in humorous disappointment at herself, she said this wasn’t the first time she dealt with this problem: “Awkward tan lines will always be my struggle.”  

Karolina isn’t the only one who made a tanning mistake, as TikToker Hannah Stocking (@hannahstocking) said something similar happened to her.

She posted footage of herself in a bikini, showing off what looked like a normal tan from behind.

"You good, boo?" asked the person filming as they walked up behind Stocking in her swimsuit.

As the influencer turned to face the camera, the person shooting the footage was audible again – and their voice filled with dread as they said "Oh, no."

The entire front half of Stocking's body – including her face – was striped with tan lines that formed bizarre, pale shapes.

According to her tan lines, Stocking had spent a day in the sun wearing bike shorts, a cropped top with a chest cutout, and a mask over the lower half of her face.

"Hannah, no," said her amateur cinematographer as Stocking laughed in a near-hysterical tone.

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