Woman whose smile was her 'biggest compliment' shares the devastating impact of losing virtually ALL her teeth

A WOMAN has taken to social media to show viewers her stunning smile before she suffered from tooth loss.

Brooke Johnson posted the video to TikTok in which she spoke about how much she used to be complemented on her smile.

She explained that losing her teeth had damaged her confidence but that she hoped to turn things around soon.

In the video, she said: "I just wanted to give y'all a peep at how my smile used to be,

because I have a big a** smile as you can see.

"It is so hard to not see my teeth, you know?

"But my smile was my biggest complement. Not my hair, or eyes, it was always my smile.

"Once that went away it took like part of me, I would say. My confidence for sure. But I'll get it all back soon."

Brooke then showed a series of images of her big smile before she lost her teeth.

She captioned the heart-felt post with: "Peep at my beautiful smile I used to have! #badteeth #gofundme #nojudgementzone #bekind2everyone #positiveenergy."

Brooke is currently trying to raise money for vital work to restore her gorgeous teeth.

On the GoFundMe page, her friend explained: "At the age of 16, Brooklyn started to lose the enamel of her teeth.

"By the time she turned 22, all of her teeth were completely rotting or falling out.

"Brooklyn has no insurance, cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket at the dentist, but she is trying to get into a dental facility that has a sliding scale.

"As you can imagine, for a 24 year old young lady, this is devastating to say the least. However, this is what it's going to take to help her smile again.

"She hasn't smiled in 3 years (showing her teeth). God bless anyone that is willing to help Brooklyn in this endeavour!"

Viewers of the video flocked to send kind words to the upset 24-year-old.

One said: "It's ok girl. Set that goal and get it!"

While another added: "You're beautiful the way you are."

And a third said: "Girl you better smile now and always… no matter what. If I looked on what's going on on the outside I'm gonna miss what's going on in the inside."

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