I regret spending £500k on bum fillers, boob jobs and more to look like Kim Kardashian but I will be bigger than her

AN ACTRESS who had four ribs removed, bum fillers, boobs jobs and more to look like Kim Kardashian admits she regrets spending close to half a million pounds to emulate her idol.

Jennifer Pamplona, 28, has had hundreds of surgeries and procedures over the last decade but now wishes she never started.

She was 17 years old when she convinced her grandmother to sign a document that allowed her to have a breast augmentation and after that became hooked.

Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s famously curvaceous body, the model estimates she has spent more than £425,000 ($600,000) on changing her appearance. 

Among her most daring surgeries were having four ribs removed, 10 procedures to increase the size of her butt, three boob jobs and two nose jobs.

'Move over Kim!'

Now Jennifer, who a 22-inch waist and 43-inch hips, wishes she never went under the knife and discourages other women from making the same mistake.

The actress, who has appeared on Botched and has a new documentary Addicted coming out later this year, is glad Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming to an end as she believes she’s the next star of reality TV.

She told The Sun: “All my life I have been saying I want to be the next Kim Kardashian.

"Now the show is coming to an end, it’s my time to shine, move over Kim!

“I used to follow what the Kardashians did day and night, Kim still inspires me a lot and I’ve always loved how she looks and her style. 

“But I think there is a big problem with the impact of the Kardashians, everyone wants to look like them so now all young women look the same. 

“They have the same face, nose and lips but it will not make them happy – surgery is only one part of the solution, they need help from a psychologist too. 

“I regret having my first surgery, I wasn’t mature enough to understand the implications of going under the knife.”

'Old lady lips'

One of Jennifer’s biggest regrets is having lip fillers – she’s had more than 40 procedures in 10 years and claims if she doesn’t continue to top them up she will look like “an old lady”. 

She said: “Once you start having certain procedures – like lip fillers and botox – you cannot stop, you will need to have them forever.

“Fillers made my lips so big, they were like two sausages rather than two lips. 

Jennifer Pamplona’s £425,000 surgery list

THE model has spent more nearly half-a-million quid on surgeries and procedures to look like Kim Kardashian. We list what she went under the knife for…

10 butt enhancement surgeries – including fillers, Brazilian butt lift and spider web butt lift 

Two surgeries Four ribs removed

Three breast augmentations

Two rhinoplasties 

Two liposuction 

40 lip procedures including fillers and removal

Cheek fillers and their removal

Chin fillers

Face lifts

Two pairs of veneers

Fat injected into her thigh and butt – and thigh fillers

Thread lift and cat eye life procedures

500 doses of botox

“Now have lost their elasticity, so now if I don’t have fillers, they look like 70-year-old lips – not even my Grandmother has as saggy and wrinkly lips as I do.

“It’s the same with botox, I don’t think it’s working for my face anymore because I’ve had it around 500 times in the last decade.”

Jennifer, who grew-up in São Paulo, Brazil, believes cruel comments from her classmates led to her drastically changing her appearance. 

She recalled: “I was always picked on by people at school because I wasn't curvy and had a small, petite frame.

“I remember a guy from my school told my friend I had a really beautiful face but my body was like a matchstick, which hurt me so much.

“Because I was tall and thin, girls would try to slap me too – I even remember one girl chasing me for what felt like an hour so she could try to hit me.”

The victimisation led her to hide her body under baggy clothes and try to accentuate her curves however she could. 

Jennifer longed to be like the other girls in her school – who had bigger hips, boobs and bums – and later, she became obsessed with Kim Kardashian. 

Three years after having her first boob job at 17, she met boyfriend Celso Santebanes, who was known as “the Brazilian human Ken Doll”.

They met on a TV show and fell madly in love – but in December 2014, he was diagnosed with leukaemia and died six months later.

Jennifer and Celso, who were together for one year and four months, had planned to move to Hollywood with the hopes of becoming movie stars.

She recalled: “It was the worst day of my life when he told me, ‘I have leukaemia but don’t worry, I’m not going to die’ – I saw our dreams fade away in that instant.

“The last words Celso said to me was ‘You’re the most beautiful person I’ve met in my life, both inside and out. If something happens, promise me you’ll make all your dreams come true.’

“This boy left a huge space in my heart and life that nothing can fill – no money, no surgery, nothing has ever come close.”

Shortly after Celso’s death in June 2015, Jennifer was invited onto a TV show where she had nine surgeries in 24 hours.

In the hope of becoming famous, she agreed and had four ribs removed, the first of three breast implants, liposuction, a rhinoplasty and bum fillers.

Jennifer admitted she felt the only way to become a star was to continue with plastic surgery – something Celso tried to warn her away from. 

She recalled: “He never wanted me to change my appearance, he said ‘You are beautiful, you’re already like a Barbie doll.'

'Like a Barbie doll'

“He was completely against me having surgery because he thought I was perfect.

"But I believed going under the knife was the only way to become famous.

“I’ve worked to make our dreams come true and feel I am keeping him alive by being famous, like the Kardashians. 

“I’m inspired by how the Kardashians deal with everything and I believe watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians is like a free university.

"They are smart businesswomen and taught me how to become a successful entrepreneur.”

Jennifer’s surgeries have not been without risk – she claims her “butt is a ticking time bomb” due to the amount of fillers and fat she’s had injected into it. 

Also this year, she feared losing the ability to walk because of an infection in her leg after having permanent fillers 10 years ago. 

Jennifer said: “I’m lucky to be alive, I spent more than 20 days in bed and my body had to fight all of these toxins inside me.

“I’m still scared I won’t be able to walk in the future and it’s all because a doctor put permanent filler in my leg, which is stopping blood circulation.”

She’s now avoiding surgeries and only has procedures to maintain her appearance – mainly lip fillers and botox. 

Jennifer tries to dissuade younger women from going under the knife and promotes natural solutions and counselling to remedy their concerns. 

She said: “I advise them not to have surgery because it doesn’t fix all your problems and it can easily become an addiction.

“I was going for procedures like it was a normal thing – like going to the supermarket – but now I’m starting to feel the consequences of my actions.

“I warn girls away from surgery and procedures because the decisions are something that lasts a lifetime and they don’t fix how you feel.”

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