I'm plus size and hit Sainsbury's for an autumnal clothing haul – I'm obsessed, they look more expensive than they were | The Sun

IT CAN be tricky finding the perfect autumnal outfit at the best of times, but it's even harder if you're plus size.

But one woman did the impossible and bagged some stunning dresses from Sainsbury's – and the best part is they look loads more expensive than they were too.

Poppy Adams shared the haul on her TikTok account @poppyadams92 and viewers were obsessed with her picks.

She raved about the new range in Sainsbury's saying, "there's some amazing stuff in there right now."

First the fashionista showed off a stunning floral midi dress that cinches you in at the waist, but is elasticated so will still be comfortable all day long.

Poppy bought the silky number in a size 22 for £25 and was "obsessed" with the look.

"I love this , with some wooly tights, you could dress this up or dress this down," she raved.

The next dress was only £18 but you could easily believe it cost loads more.

The ditsy floral print dress would be perfect for chilly autumn and winter days paired with chunky boots and tights.

The fashion lover then showed of a polka dot midi skirt for £22, "they only had it in a size 18, so I bought it but it still fits because it's elasticated," she said.

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"It feels really well made as well, and this can be so diverse, you could wear this with so many things," Poppy said.

The skirt looked even better when it was paired with a satin green shirt for £16.

"It's super oversized so you could wear it any way you wanted to, I love this I think it's really versatile and would look great with jeans too."

Fellow shoppers loved the haul, one said: "I love everything brb going to Sainsbury's!"

And a second commented: "Buying that first dress online now! Thank you internet stranger!"

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