I work at McDonald’s and here's the annoying things that customers always say – I'm fed up with the same gross comments | The Sun

IF you have ever worked in retail before, you will know that dealing with customers can sometimes be pretty challenging.

It seems that particularly for those working for the fast-food chain McDonald’s, customers often have very annoying complaints.

One McDonald’s employee, Cienna Swann, took to TikTok to reveal what it’s really like working for the popular chain, as she revealed the most annoying things that customers always say.

Cienna revealed that she gets customers of all ages at work – with young men always saying the same weird thing and old men always having the same common complaint.

What’s more, she claims that middle-aged women often have a similar request – to talk to the manager. 

Cienna uploaded her video with the caption ‘I could make a whole part 2 on how customers speak to me..’.

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I work at McDonald’s…the request that customers make which is so annoying

I work at McDonald’s – here’s the annoying comments I always get

She said: “POV: you work in customer service (McDonald’s edition)”.

Cienna revealed the common things that she hears, the first being: “Thanks babes, *winks*” – alongside a picture of an attractive young man posing.

The next common request that Cienna gets is: “Can I have some sugar and milks darling?”, which she paired alongside an image of a group of men working in construction.

As well as this, Cienna shared an image of an angry-looking woman with the text: “This is all wrong and cold, can I have a manager right now?”.

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Not only this, but Cienna often hears customers say: “No manners whatsoever”, which she shared alongside an image of a young woman wearing lots of makeup and a crop top, pouting in the mirror.

What’s worse, she claimed to hear customers complain: “You’re stupid, why do you even work here. This is all wrong”, which she shared with an image of a middle-aged man looking confused.

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And finally, Cienna revealed a common complaint that grumpy old men often say: “There’s no sprinkles on this cappuccino!”.

Cienna’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 59k views. 


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It has 5,225 likes, 98 comments and 26 shares.

McDonald’s workers could relate to the video and were quick to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “This is spot on. The joys of always being on till as well". 

Another added: “Too accurate”.

A third commented: “HOW TRUE”. 

Someone else noted: “I actually howled at how accurate this is”. 

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Another McDonald’s employee revealed: “I hate customers” to which Cienna confirmed “join the club!”. 

Meanwhile, one user stated: “I absolutely feel for any one in customer service jobs. You are all amazing and shouldn’t have to deal with rude people”.

I could make a whole part 2 on how customers speak to me.. 😭 #fyp #foryoupage #mcdonalds #macciesworker #crewmember #customers #angry #perv #rude #part1

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