I'm part of the no bra club thanks to my perky boobs – middle-aged chavs always heckle me but I have the best response | The Sun

A PROUD member of the "no bra club" has revealed her epic response when she was heckled by some middle-aged chavs.

Summer took to TikTok to share her story, admitting that the confrontation had left her full of adrenaline and physically shaking.

"I was just walking home from the bus stop and then right next to my house there was this old chav couple – this woman in her 40s and her husband I presume – just standing there on the road," she began.

"And as I walked past them, the woman was like, 'Oh look, 'ere's another one. This one ain't got a bra on', like that.

"And the husband said something muggy.

"In that moment it was like, I ignore or I say something back. And I was like, strutting like this, and I was like, do you know what?

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"I was like, 'Shut your mouth you silly arse'.

"And then I carried on strutting like this – with my perky t*ts and my hard nipples."

While the man shouted something as she walked away, Summer didn't hear it, and continued walking away – adding a yawn "for effect as if I didn't care".

"I should have said, 'Don't need one anyway, Look at them. You could never'," Summer continued.

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"But that's a bit long-winded anyway isn't it. I think I did fine."

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "That’s actually so slay."

"This is brilliant we love a baddie," another praised.

While a third commented: "the yawn is KILLING MEEEE."

"old??? old in her 40s!!" someone else wrote.

To which Summer replied: "Don’t hold it against me Melanie I’m mid adrenaline rush.

"Idk how old they were probs more like 60."

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