I jetted to Turkey and got bespoke balayage for £40 – it looks so good but people are amazed how cheap it was | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she travelled abroad to get her hair done and was left very impressed with her new locks. 

Beauty fan Özlem, from Germany, explained that she went to Turkey and paid just £42 for bespoke balayage, a cut, blowdry and styling. 

Taking to social media to show off her new hair, Özlem shared a clip on TikTok, where she posts under the username @oezlemha.

The German woman explained: “POV: You are in Turkey and pay only $50 [£42] for your balayage.”

In the video, we first saw Özlem sitting in the hairdressers’ chair, as the hairdresser touched her hair.

Her roots were very dark and were in need of a freshen up, so the Turkish hairdresser got to work.

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Seconds later, the hairdresser showed off the finished look, leaving many very impressed.

Not only did Özlem get a fresh balayage look, she also had her hair cut, curled and styled too.

Özlem’s previous dull hair had been completely transformed and now looked fabulous, as well as appearing much thicker and healthier too. 

While the average price of balayage varies massively in the UK, the average cost is between £75-£120, depending on the location of the salon and your hair length.

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In Germany, the prices vary massively, and balayage can vary anywhere from $70 [£60] to $300 [£250].

So for just £40, it’s no surprise that Özlem was thrilled with her cheap hair do. 

Özlem’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 100,400 views.

It has 1,492 likes, 52 comments, 147 saves and 67 shares.

Social media users were not only stunned at Özlem’s hair, but the price too.

One person said: “Really only 50€? Looks super good!” to which Özlem confirmed “Yes, really. Thank you.” 

Another added: “I like it very much.” 

A third commented: “Looks great.” 

Someone else chimed in: “Really pretty.”

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Meanwhile, someone else asked: “What's the name of the salon?” to which Özlem explained “M. Eda hairdresser basement.”

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