I’m a gypsy – people are always fascinated by our dating game, but it’s the truth about marriage that stuns them | The Sun

A GYPSY woman has set the record straight about the dating game in her culture.

Charlotte Ann has been delighting her followers with videos explaining the differences between her life as a gypsy and the lives of "country people" – as she calls non-gypsies or travellers.

In a recent video, she was bombarded with questions about the intricacies of dating as a gypsy, and responded in another TikTok where she opened up about some of the misconceptions people have.

"I don't know where people got the notion from that gypsies and travellers have arranged marriages, but we don't," she said.

"We don't have arranged marriages – we're not made to get married to a certain person at a certain age, there's no arranged marriages."

She said that while gypsies and travellers tend to get married slightly younger, it's because it's a "cultural norm, not a cultural must".

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Charlotte Ann used herself as an example, saying that she's 29 and still living at home, as she said a gypsy's parents won't kick them out if they're not married by a certain age.

In addition, she said that girls and boys won't go into each other's places, or be around their families, until they are "going with each other really, really serious", or they are married.

Another major difference is with first dates.

"We don't usually have first dates like you have," Charlotte Ann said.

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"It will usually be loads of people meeting up in the same place. And a girl won't usually walk out to a boy on her own, unless she's going with him a long time.

"Like the first date you'll bring your sister, your cousin… you'll bring one of the girls with you basically.

"And you'll go to somewhere with other travellers all around – it won't just be a candlelit meal like the country people do.

"It won't be anything like that."

People were quick to comment on Charlotte Ann's video, with one writing: "Thanks for sharing your culture, it's really interesting to learn."

"I really would like to experience your way of life if I’m honest," another added.

As a third commented: "I think we gypsies have a good courting way.

"Plus u marry who u want to."

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