I work at Starbucks and have to deal with the rudest customers – they have no idea I hear every word they say about me | The Sun

A STARBUCKS worker revealed some of the things customers say to her when she's on the clock and they're so rude.

It turns out loads of customers have no idea that workers can hear everything that's said in the drive-through.

The worker, who is called Blanca, took to TikTok to rant about how awful some customers can be.

The 20-year-old shared a video, alongside the caption: "I’m just trying to take people’s orders and do my job. Stop trying to be a bully. We are too old for that and it’s weird."

This comes after she she filmed herself in her Starbucks uniform looking annoyed after taking orders.

She said: "The register is not sound proof.


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"I can hear y’all making fun of my appearance and giggling.”

Blanca explained what happened: "Today two girls came up to the register and started giggling and telling each other ‘omg she’s so scary!!’ ‘right?? omg.'"

Viewers were mostly shocked to find out the customers were so rude.

They also reassured Blanco about her looks, adding that no matter what it would be no excuse to be rude.

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One person commented: "What’s wrong with your appearance? You look beautiful.

"If anything, they just jealous. I always notice the pretty, quiet girls get picked on the most at work.”

A second agreed: "It’s because you intimidate them 100% I promise.

"You are gorgeous and they don’t know how to act around you so they automatically get defensive."

It turns out it's not just the Starbucks worker who has dealt with customers who didn't know staff can hear everything in the drive-through.

"I worked the register at Chipotle,” one person explained, “two grown girls were whispering and making fun of my height."

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