Bloke creates cat bed in the cupboard under the TV using B&M and The Range bargains and people have hailed him a genius

A BLOKE made a nifty cat bed for his moggy in the cupboard under the TV for just £15 using budget buys from B&M and The Range.  

Jordan Turner had some free time on his hands during the lockdown, so decided to make a bed for his two-year-old Bengal, Priya. 

Jordan, who’s married to Rebecca Harrigan, decided to turn the unused middle cupboard in their TV cabinet into a space for his moggy. 

He took the doors off the cupboard and sourced bargain buys from B&M and The Range to complete the project. 

The pair can now snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV – and Priya – who looks chuffed with her new bed. 

Jordan shared his transformation to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, explaining how he did it. 

He said: “Decided I’d start my own little lockdown project (small scale).

“Middle cupboard was never used so I removed the door, boarded the sides, wallpapered the boards, stick on light from B&M, new bed from the range. 

“Total cost £15!! Looks so much better and a great benefit is that cats love facing the whole room with no threat from behind. Perfect!”

More than 1,600 people liked Jordan’s DIY cat bed, and he said the praise “boosted my confidence”, and inspired him to take on more projects. 

Commenting online, one person said: “Oh wow what a brilliant idea. Nice too see you consider your cat in your project.

“And absolutely beautiful cat.”

Another wrote: “What a great idea and looks super. Only problem is he can't watch the TV!”

A third commented: “Who knew that's what the gap was made for! I was tricked into being told it was for an Xbox. Fab idea.”

While this person thought: “I love that you’ve wallpapered and put in lighting.” 

And someone else simply added: “Ingenious idea.”

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