Madonna 'ignored signs of illness' in order to continue rehearsals

Madonna, 64, ‘ignored signs of illness’ in order to continue world tour rehearsals – before bacterial infection sent her to the ICU

Madonna reportedly ‘ignored’ signs she was unwell in order to continue rehearsing for her highly-anticipated Celebration tour. 

The songstress, 64, is currently recovering from a shock bacterial infection that sent her to the ICU late last month.

The Vogue hitmaker notably was found unconscious in her apartment on Saturday, June 24, and she was promptly ‘rushed to the hospital and intubated’ due to the her being ‘unresponsive’ at the time.

Now insiders have shed light on Madonna’s relentless work ethic despite her feeling under the weather.

‘She ignored some symptoms of illness for quite a while because she thought they would go away. But she didn’t want to take time away from rehearsals,’ a music insider explained to People.

‘She thought they would go away’: Madonna reportedly ‘ignored’ signs she was unwell as she rehearsed for her highly-anticipated Celebration tour 

‘She was rundown and not feeling 100 percent for a while in anticipation of her tour. She is relentless in her quest to be the best, to wow her fans and to do what others before her have not done.’

Another source reiterated Madonna had been overworking herself.

‘Madonna has been very busy for a long time and not taking care of herself. She just continues to push herself beyond the limit,’ they said. has contacted representatives for Madonna for comment.  

According to the New York Post, Madonna — who was due to kick off her 84-date Celebration tour in Vancouver, Canada, on July 15 — was ‘discovered on Saturday’, when she was ‘taken to the ICU’ and ‘intubated overnight.’

At the time, a relative of the singer told that her family had been ‘preparing for the worst’ due to the seriousness of the illness.

The popstar’s health scare was shared with the world by Guy Oseary, who revealed on Instagram that Madonna has been forced to postpone her hotly-anticipated 40th anniversary tour as a result of her medical struggles.

Oseary insisted in his post that the singer and mother-of-six is ‘expected to make a full recovery’ and that her ‘health is improving’, but added that she is ‘still under medical care.’

‘On Saturday, June 24, Madonna developed a serious bacterial infection which led to a several-day stay in the ICU,’ he wrote on Wednesday afternoon. ‘Her health is improving, however she is still under medical care. A full recovery is expected.’

The music manager then revealed that the singer is being forced to postpone the start of her tour, for which she has been rehearsing for months – and which was due to begin in a matter of weeks – writing: ‘At this time we will need to pause all commitments, which includes the tour.’

The songstress, 64, is currently recovering from a shock bacterial infection that sent her to the ICU late last month; pictured 2016 

He did not reveal when Madonna might be well enough to commence the international tour, simply promising fans that he would ‘share more details as soon as we have them, including a new start date for the tour and for rescheduled shows’. 

Speaking to, a source confirmed that the popstar is now ‘out of the ICU and recovering.’

According to sources close to the singer, she has been working around the clock to ensure that her tour is nothing but perfect, with one revealing that she has been rehearsing six days a week, while another told in April that she was ‘driving everyone up the wall with her perfectionism.’

And on Saturday, it was revealed that Madonna will dramatically scale back her seven-month-long world tour after her health scare. The star was due to play multiple cities starting on July 15, but plans are being redrawn.

Madonna was due to begin a grueling concert schedule in Canada in two weeks. Now sources have told The Mail on Sunday that plans are being considered to cut the number of concerts from 84 if her 40th-anniversary Celebration tour goes ahead.

One insider said: ‘In the cold light of day, considering what Madonna has just been through, and considering she is 64, was it really sensible to book so many tour dates in the first place?’

Music icon: The Material Girl songstress pictured circa 1990

‘This schedule would be grueling for even the youngest and fittest of artists. More than 70 gigs across the world is extreme. Madonna and her team are going to have to consider cutting back on the schedule.’

One tour manager added it would be a ‘logistical nightmare’ to re-plan the tour in terms of finding venues that are available.

Guy Oseary, Madonna’s manager, said that the singer, who was discharged from hospital on Thursday after being given the all-clear, had been forced to ‘pause all commitments’, including the tour.

Sources close to the singer say she has been left exhausted by the infection and that her 12-hour days of tour rehearsals were said to have contributed to her illness.

It has been claimed that Madonna, who had reportedly been in the recording studio with Katy Perry hours before falling ill, was seen looking tired in the days before she was hospitalized.

Scaling back? Sources have told The Mail on Sunday that plans are being considered to cut the number of concerts from 84 if her 40th-anniversary Celebration tour goes ahead; pictured 2016

On Thursday-the same day the singer was confirmed to have been discharged from the hospital to continue her recovery at her NYC home-sources gave an update to TMZ on her health and hinted that she might not be healthy in time to start her tour.

The sources told the tabloid that the Material Girl singer has been ‘vomiting uncontrollably since being discharged’ and that ‘the infection is still wreaking havoc on her body.’

The outlet was also informed just two days ago that Madonna ‘is still too sick to even get out of her bed.’

Sources also told TMZ that when she was rushed to the hospital to treat the bacterial infection, she was ‘metaphorically kicking and screaming’ against being taken there. Before her hospitalization, the star had reportedly been ‘dealing with a fever’ for a month and concealed it ‘from everyone.’

Insiders expressed to the publication that Madonna was ‘afraid’ that being sick would ‘jeopardize the tour’ but not treating the infection made ‘it worse.’

Latest post: In the caption of the post, she had eerily typed out, ‘The Calm Before The Storm……….’

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a bacterial infection is an ‘illness or condition caused by bacterial growth or poisons’ and some common bacterial-related diseases ‘include UTIs, food poisoning, STIs and some skin, sinus and ear infections,’ but can be simply treated with antibiotics.

However, when left untreated, ‘any bacterial infection that gets deep into your body, like in your blood, heart, lungs or brain, can be life-threatening.’

Just days before being found unconscious in her apartment, Madonna had uploaded an Instagram photo series that captured special moments while preparing for her 40th anniversary tour.

In the caption of the post, she had eerily typed out, ‘The Calm Before The Storm……….’

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