Eva Mendes' Complaints About Her Summer Mom Duties As 'Chauffeur' & 'Water Girl' Will Have You Cackling

Eva Mendes’ hopes for a low-key summer have been dashed by her daughters, and the mom of two is hilariously in her feelings about it.

On Thursday, the actress posted an Instagram Story about her qualms, which she also shared on IG’s new Threads platform. In the video, Mendes said, “So this summer was supposed to be like an easy — I was like, bring boredom back, but you know things happen and like, the kids want to do certain classes and things, so now I am just a chauffeur — like, a water girl,” she lamented.

The 49-year-old continued jokingly airing her grievances, sharing, “It’s hot, so you know, I just bring them water. I’m a water girl and a chauffeur and a wiper downer. I wipe them down because they’re all sweaty all over each other,” Mendes explained while rubbing her face in exasperated exhaustion.

She sassily concluded, “I just wanted to say that this summer of boredom that I had planned, turned.” On Threads, the Hitched star aptly captioned the video “Mami Summer Life.”

Mendes shares both her daughters with longtime partner and fellow actor Ryan Gosling. After 3 years of dating, the couple welcomed Esmeralda Amada in September 2014. Their second daughter, Amada Lee, followed in April 2016.

At 8 and 7 years old, respectively, the girls are at the age at which the frenzy of extracurriculars and social activities begins — who’s going to gently tell Mendes that the “summer of boredom” she’s longing for may not make its appearance until her kids reach driving age?

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