You could get a $1,400 stimulus check in less than three weeks as Senate kicks off mammoth relief bill debate

The $1,400 stimulus check might be coming in less than three weeks as Senate has kicked off the Covid-19 relief bill debate.

The Senate voted 50-50 for the Covid relief bill with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie.

It is the first step towards approving the relief package as Democrats hoped to pass it by the end of the week.

Republicans who are against stimulus spending have set the stage for a lengthy process to delay a final vote on the 628-page bill by hours or even days.

“No matter how long it takes, the Senate is going to stay in session to finish the bill this week,” Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said.

Democrats were hoping to pass the legislation by March 14 – when emergency unemployment benefits expire for millions.

And although the stimulus checks could be coming in the next few weeks, fewer Americans will be entitled to them as joe Biden has set a limit after bowing to pressure.

However, President Biden supports making the $3,600 payments to parents, included in the latest Covid relief package, permanent.

A stimulus check calculator helps individuals calculate how much of the$1,400 third stimulus check they could qualify for.

Currently, an individual taxpayer making less than $75,000 based on AGI will receive the full amount, while an individual with an AGI over $100,000 will not be eligible.

A sliding scale will also provide a percentage of that $1,400 to individual taxpayers making between $75,000 and $100,000.

The same system will be applied to a head of household (the full amount under $112,500; not eligible over $150,000) and a married couple filing jointly (the full amount under $150,000; not eligible over $200,000).

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