Woman’s battered face after being attacked ‘for bumping into stranger in bar’

A young woman’s face was left battered and bruised after an attack at a pub and in the street.

Amy Curtis, 26, suffered cuts to her face after she was assaulted twice in one night by a man and two women in Dublin.

After the attack she was left with a broken nose, a fractured cheekbone and fractured eye socket.

The shop assistant told Dublin Live : "I was out with my cousin and we wanted to go for a dance, so decided to go over to a bar.

"When we got there I’d say we were there around three quarters of a hour and I bumped into a bloke on my way to the toilet.

"I said ‘oh sorry’ and he said ‘watch where you’re going you tramp’.

"A bouncer came over separated us and thirty minutes later I went out for a cigarette."

She continued: "The same bloke was out there and started being rude to me again so I began to argue back.

"His girlfriend came over after she saw us arguing and attacked me.

"I felt something hit me in the back of the head and heard glass break.

"The bouncer brought me outside to have a look at my head and told me I needed stitches.

"I had to walk to the hospital and on the way we ran into the same people from the bar.

"They began to shout at me before starting to kick my face and head. The group ran off shouting abuse while I was in a pool of blood.

"I had a broken eye socket, fractured cheek bone and broken nose and when the doctor said I might need surgery I broke down."

Since the attack last month, Amy said that she has had to take time off work and has been struggling to sleep.

She added: "I had to leave my job in fear of my life, I am suffering from panic attacks and am just so angry at the night."

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Police confirmed they are investigating the incident but no arrests have been made.

A Gardai police spokesman said: "Gardai in Tallaght are investigating an assault that occurred on the High Street area of Dublin 24 on Saturday, August 11 at 2.30am.

"A woman in her 20s was assaulted, she received bruising to her eye and was bleeding from her head. She was brought to hospital by ambulance.

"No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing."

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