What is the video that appears to show Kyle Rittenhouse punching a girl in the head multiple times?

A VIDEO surfaced on Twitter of a Kenosha suspect that claims to show Kyle Rittenhouse punching a woman in the head during a fist fight involving others.

The clip has over eight thousand likes and was published by an anonymous account by the name of anoncatanoncat on the site.

What did Kyle Rittenhouse do in Kenosha? 

Kyle Rittenhouse,18, was the suspect who allegedly shot at protesters who had taken the streets to march against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. 

He was arrested by police for first-degree murder after allegedly fatally shooting two Black Lives Matter protesters on Tuesday evening. 

What is the video that has resurfaced claiming to show him punching a woman in the head? 

A Twitter user who goes by anoncatanoncat shared a video that the user claims shows Rittenhouse throwing punches in the midst of a fist fight involving a girl.

The viral video made the rounds on social media and shows another angle of the fight with people stepping out of a vehicle to intervene.

Someone in the viral clip is heard saying: “don’t put your hands on a female” as the fist fight continued. 

Users were outraged with the clip and shared comments about Rittenhouse’s alleged involvement saying: “His mom said he dropped out of school because he was being bullied. 

“Clearly she’s a liar. He’s the bully. Just another kid filled with hate."

Someone else chimed in and said: “Welp…..Fox News may wanna drop that hero angle they started pushing over there. 

“This kid had issues and had no business having a gun…. Anywhere.

It is unclear how the viral video leaked to Twitter or if any police were called to the scene of the fight.

When was he arrested for the Kenosha shooting?

Police made the arrest on the Wednesday after the suspect allegedly fled Wisconsin for his home state following the shooting.

He was alleged to be responsible for the deaths of Joseph D. Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26.

A third man, Gaige P. Grosskreutz, was shot in the arm but is expected to survive.

Has he been charged?

He was charged in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and labelled as a "fugitive of justice", according to Lake County, Illinois Clerk of Courts public records.

He faced charges of first degree intentional homicide. As of November 19, Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges.

What happened at Rittenhouse's trial?

Rittenhouse's trial began with him facing a total of six criminal charges in early November, in Wisconsin.

His charges include first-degree reckless homicide for killing Rosenbaum, first-degree intentional homicide for killing Huber and first-degree attempted intentional homicide for shooting Grosskreutz.

He pleaded not guilty on all charges and maintained that his actions were in self-defense.

During the trial, Judge Bruce Schroeder lashed out at prosecutor Thomas Binger for questioning Rittenhouse about whether it was appropriate to use deadly force to protect property.

On the seventh day of his trial, Rittenhouse told the court that he wanted to safeguard property from the unrest in the wake of Jacob Blake's injury, in 2020.

He also displayed vivid emotions as he described the incident in which he killed Rosenbaum.

On November 19, Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges after he opened fire on Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, killing two and severely injuring another.

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