Watch as hapless learner driver manages to flip car over on exam test course | The Sun

THIS is the moment one unfortunate learner was sure to fail her driving test when she flipped the car.

The 63-year-old woman from Buenos Aries, Argentina provided a masterclass in only 30 seconds of how not to drive.

The lady had barely began her test before she began smashing into things and ended up totalling the car at high-speed.

Footage exposes her absolute train wreck of a driving test that took place last Wednesday in the suburbs of Argentina's capital.

The lady drives too fast around the first corner, briefly loses control and smacks into the curb.

It doesn't get any better as she then approaches the next corner at a wicked speed with the hazard lights on.

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She doesn't make that corner either and instead whizzes the vehicle onto the curb again.

With her foot heavy on the peddle, she drives straight ahead furiously, hits another ledge and propels the car into the air.

It reaches a magnificent height before it flies back down to the ground and smashes hard into a pole.

A huge chunk of the car is impaled as the rest shatters to the side with such a force that it flips the whole car.

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Sources from the emergency services explained that the driver "got nervous in a manoeuvre and hit a stone cutter," Primer Plano reports.

Police and firefighters were called to the scene to rescue the lady who was trapped in her seat after the car flipped.

She miraculously only suffered minor injuries from the crash.

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