Watch as bull charges into large crowd in stampede that left 14 hurt

Watch as bull charges into large crowd in stampede that left 14 injured during religious event in India

  • The scary rampage in Osmanabad left women and children injured 
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A bull has left 14 people injured after it charged into a large crowd in Western India. 

The terrifying moment took place in Osmanabad, Western India, on Thursday.

Fifteen thousand worshippers had gathered for an annual religious event when disaster struck.

The shocking footage shows the bull charging into the crowd, causing widespread panic.

The cow tramples through the fifteen thousand heavy crowd in Osmanabad, Western India

The animal charges through the people jumping over crushed worshippers

People can also be heard screaming in fear as the bull continues to trample over the worshippers.

After running through the crowd the bull eventually manages to find clear space.

The crowd then begins to frantically disperse. 

The resulting stampede left 14 people injured, including women and children.

All of the injured people are said to have received treatment at a local hospital before being discharged. 

An up close look at the size of the massive bull

Fourteen people were left injured after the incident and this included women and children.

The crowd then frantically began to disperse once the cow left

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