Washington Post settles $250M defamation suit with Covington teen Nick Sandmann

THE Washington Post has settled a lawsuit filed by Nick Sandmann, the MAGA hat-wearing teen who stared down a Native American elder.

The newspaper settled the $250 million lawsuit for an undisclosed sum on Friday – Sandmann's 18th birthday – the Covington High student tweeted.

"On 2/19/19, I filed $250M defamation lawsuit against Washington Post. Today, I turned 18 & WaPo settled my lawsuit."

Sandmann thanked his lawyers, as well as "my family & millions of you who have stood your ground by supporting me. I still have more to do."

Video of the confrontation between the teen and Native American activist Nathan Phillips at the March for Life rally in Washington D.C. in January 2019 went viral.

A then-16 year-old Sandmann stared down Phillips as his fellow Covington Catholic classmates – who were also wearing 'Make America Great Again'  caps – sneered and openly mocked the Native elder.

He was seen grinning while standing extremely close to the 64-year-old Vietnam veteran as he sang and played the drums.

However, Phillips later clarified it was him who approached the students in an attempt to diffuse racial tensions between the white pupils and another group of protesters who were insulting them.

Sandmann and his group were being harassed by the other group, who called themselves members of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

In the lawsuit, Sandmann's attorneys mentioned the "emotional distress, damage to reputation and distress to his family" that Nick has and will continue to endure.

Sandmann also settled a $275 million lawsuit against CNN in January, again for an undisclosed sum.

It's understood he's still engaged in defamation battles with ABC, CBS, The Guardian, The Hill and NBC.

The sum total of all the lawsuits is more than $800 million.

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