Vanessa Guillen was ‘harassed and followed into shower by soldier who killed himself’ after her remains were found – The Sun

SOLDIER Vanessa Guillen was harassed and followed into the shower by the soldier who killed himself after her remains were found, according to her family.

Private first class Guillen, 20, has been missing since April 22, when she was last seen in a parking lot at US Army base Fort Hood in Texas.

On Wednesday, her family announced human remains that were found in concrete near the Leon River in Bell County, roughly 20 miles east of Fort Hood, on Tuesday were her remains.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command has yet to officially identify the remains.

Military officials said they identified two suspects — another soldier and a civilian — in her disappearance, but the soldier shot himself and died after they tried contacting him.

The second suspect is "the estranged wife of a former Fort Hood Soldier," investigators said.

Guillen’s family attorney, Natalie Khawam said the 20-year-old told her family she was being sexually harassed by her superior on the Army base.

Khawam said Guillen didn’t feel comfortable reporting the harassment, as she didn’t feel safe, KHOU reported.

She recalled one apparent incident during which Guillen “was taking a shower and [her superior] walked in on her and sat down.”

"She was creeped out — as one would be."

Khawam said that superior who walked in on her in the shower as the soldier who died by suicide.

Investigators have not identified the soldier who killed himself — but Khawam said his name was Aaron David Robinson.

The attorney said she’s found at least two incidents in which Guillen was sexually harassed, including another time when she was “verbally assaulting her with vulgar remarks in Spanish.”

"The facts aren't good. I don't like them," Khawam said, according to KTRK. "There were a few incidents where she had told her colleagues, her friends, her family about being sexually harassed but she was afraid to report it."

"How does someone disappear on a base that has more protection and safeguards than anyone else on the planet?"

Guillen’s sister, Mayra, said she met the soldier who killed himself, and claimed she felt something was off with him.

The sister alleged the superior laughed in her face when she visited Fort Hood to ask for any updates on her sister’s disappearance.

Guillen’s family now wants Congress to investigate the incidents and how her missing person case was handled from the beginning.

"They lied to our faces every single day" Guillen’s sister, Lupen said. "My sister deserved respect. My sister deserved to be heard."

"My sister Vanessa Guillen was harassed but nothing was done. If this can happen to her, it can happen to everyone."

"How could this happen on a military base? How can this happen while she was on duty?" Lupe asked angrily.

Vanessa went missing at work on April 22 at the Regimental Engineer Squadron Headquarters on the military base.

Her keys, wallet, and ID card were all found in the room where she worked, investigators said.

The Army Criminal Investigation Command and the League of United Latin American Citizens offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to Guillen’s whereabouts.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Army CID Special Agents at 254-287-2722, or the Military Police Desk at 254-288-1170.

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