Unearthed tweets show Jamie Raskin, Joe Biden saying ‘fight like hell’

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Republicans on Wednesday dug up past instances of Democratic House impeachment managers and President Biden using the words “fight” or “fight like hell” — one of the key allegations against former President Donald Trump at his Senate trial.

The Save America PAC’s “Trump War Room” tweeted a “FLASHBACK” screenshot of lead House manager Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) invoking the notion of combat to block Republican efforts to swiftly replace the late US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg following her death in September.

“The GOP rush to replace Justice Ginsburg is all about destroying the Affordable Care Act, women’s health care and reproductive freedom, and the voting rights and civil rights of the people,” Raskin tweeted at the time.

“We must fight like hell to stop this assault on health care and the Constitution.”

In another tweet unearthed by the Trump War Room, Raskin exhorted, “This is our Democracy–fight for it” in 2017 while calling for a probe into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

The Trump War Room also resurfaced a pair of 2017 tweets in which House manager Ted Lieu (R-Calif.) put a violent spin on former First Lady Michelle Obama’s famous credo, “When they go low, we go high.”

“I like that. But I like better, ‘when they go low, we fight back,’” Lieu said in one.

During Trump’s second impeachment trial, the House managers have repeatedly cited Trump’s use of “fight” and “fight like hell” while addressing his supporters shortly before their Jan. 6 riot on the US Capitol.

“President Trump used the word ‘fight’ or ‘fighting’ 20 times, including telling the crowd they needed to ‘fight like hell’ to save our democracy,” US Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) said Wednesday afternoon.

Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee also tweeted a screengrab of then-candidate Biden discussing how his father walked upstairs to break the news that their family had to move from Pennsylvania to Delaware so he could make a living.

“That’s why I’ve spent my whole career fighting — and I will continue to fight — like hell so that no one ever has to make that walk again,” Biden tweeted in May.

In a snarky reference to the “incitement of insurrection” charge pending against Trump, @JudiciaryGOP added: “Incitement?”

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