Tucker Carlson left stunned as Rose McGowan reveals Britney Spears' conservatorship 'hell'

TUCKER Carlson was left stunned as Rose McGowan revealed the shocking details of Britney Spears' conservatorship "hell."

The popular Fox News host learned about the 39-year-old iconic star's conservatorship — which Britney likened to sex trafficking on Wednesday —from actress McGowan on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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Moments before McGowan explained how Britney has been locked in a conservatorship since she was 25 years old, Carlson acknowledged that the interview was put together last minute.

Carlson introduced McGowan by saying: "Right before we came on the air tonight, we heard that the actress Rose McGowan wanted to come on and talk about something.

"We've never met Rose McGowan before, but we're completely open-minded."

"I'm coming at this cold, again I haven't seen Britney Spears since 2003. I just read that she's been under a conservatorship, make the case for me if you would," the TV host added.

McGowan denounced the conservatorship as "bad," explaining: "Imagine you're a 25-year-old young woman, or young human, who has been forced to perform since as long as she could walk, to support her family."

She continued: "Her father put her under a conservatorship at age 25. Many in the media laughed and scorned her when she shaved her head. I lived in Hollywood during that time. And I've made it my life's mission to tell all of you out there what so many of you really know deep down.

"That fame and Hollywood and the media machine are rotten to the core and they do hurt and they do damage.

"At age 25, her father and a judge ruled, with many a paid-off doctors' help, that Britney Spears had dementia. So, since then she's gone on to do a five-year residency in Vegas, three shows day. She's gone on a tour in 2018."

McGowan, who reportedly reached a settlement with Harvey Weinstein after a hotel room encounter, acknowledged the "cultural landmark moment" that took place on Wednesday.

"She got to speak for the first time I believe in her life, honestly and openly," McGowen said. "And what has been done to her is horrific."

Carlson appeared to be widemouthed and stunned after McGowan's explanation.

After a few seconds of silence, Carlson said: "Man, I mean … you've pushed all my buttons, I have to say. The idea that the individual is crushed by forces larger than her and that deep down it really is rotten and that people are treated as disposable objects rather than human beings with souls … that's all on display every single day."

McGowan said Britney can make "absolutely no" basic life decisions for herself — leading to Carlson's conclusion that "the individual matters, above all."

"If they can destroy one person they can destroy everyone," he added.

McGowan detailed Britney's life after the singer spoke for the first time in court on Wednesday — amid the years-long conservatorship battle with father Jamie Spears.

While speaking via audio, the hitmaker said: "I want to get married and have a baby.  

"I wanted to take the IUD out and have a baby but conservator won't let me because they don't want me to have a baby."

Britney is already the mother to sons Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14, with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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