Three Brit women forced to cram into tiny quarantine hotel room in Greece with Covid infected pal who was coughing

THREE British women were forced to cram into a tiny hotel quarantine room in Greece with their Covid-positive friend.

The 24-year-olds' plans were turned upside down when their friend had a test come back positive, at the end of their week-long holiday in Mykonos. 

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While the woman’s two friends tested negative, they were given no alternative option to spending a night with their potentially infectious friend in the island’s sole quarantine hotel.

The women told the Mirror of how they were later moved to a two-bed, one-sofa room inside the quarantine hotel, which they described as being a chaotic set-up, with guests openly wandering communal areas.

Over the course of their 14-day stay at the hotel they said they were kept up at night by pounding music and the partying of other guests, while they worried about catching Covid from other guests who appeared to be wandering freely.

The trio of women, who have not been named so as not to risk conflict with hotel staff, headed to Greece in July.

The trip had gone fairly well, they said, until the final day in mid-July. Upon taking a test ahead of their departure, one of the women, who was double vaccinated, returned a positive test.

They were taxied to a quarantine hotel where they were put in the same room overnight – despite the infected woman suffering from a cough.

"We tried to distance as much as possible with the window open," one of the trio said.

"We could hear people partying. Some men walked past the door, which we hadn't closed to keep the air circulating.

"The men were talking Italian but we could understand them. They were saying some vulgar things about coming into our rooms and what they'd like to do to us."

"It feels like we're stuck here waiting to get Covid."

The group spoke of lax hygiene standards in the hotel, where they claimed people went sans-mask in communal areas and failed to sanitise their hands.

"There are ants on the floor in our room," one of the women said.

"There is no wifi here and we all have to work full time. We're in the middle of nowhere on the island and there is no one you can send to buy anything for you.

For the two weeks they had been trying to work from the room, taking it in turns to share the single desk and chair.

"All our clothes are dirty after our week away and we have no way to wash them."

They also complained of dirty crockery and a lack of clean linen or towels. 

Other hotel guests were on their own, the women said, their friends and families having left them in the country.

"It feels like we're stuck here waiting to get Covid," one of the party said.

Meanwhile, they said the reception lady disappeared during the day, while they had heard rumours of guests leaving to head to the town centre or the beach with no consequences.

One of the women’s mums had feared her daughter was being put at unnecessary risk of catching Covid.

"It is quite outrageous," she said. "The whole hotel is full of people who have Covid and they are worried about getting it.

"Putting them altogether in a place where they are much more at risk of catching Covid is inhumane.”

The women left quarantine and returned to the UK on July 30.

Brits who have been fully vaccinated can now travel to amber list destinations, such as Greece, without having to quarantine on their return.

Double vaxxed Brits can skip the quarantine but will still need to have negative Covid tests pre-arrival and on day two, with the new rules in place from July 19.

However, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes have been added to the EU's "dark red" zone – meaning all travel is advised against.

The Greek islands were issued the new warning by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control's COVID-19 map on Thursday after a rise in infections.

Despite this, Greece is currently welcoming Brits to the country with just a negative test, or proof of vaccination.

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