Thomas Rhett’s daughter, 5, wrote her 1st song — featuring her dad

Thomas Rhett's daughter Willa Gray is following in her dad's musical footsteps.

On Wednesday, the country singer shared a clip of the 5-year-old singing a song that she wrote all by herself and it's simply adorable.

The video starts off with Rhett, 31, introducing his little girl. "Willa Gray wanted to share with y'all the very first song that she ever wrote," the proud dad says.

He then asks his daughter if she has a name for the song, and she smiles and whispers something to her dad.

"You wrote it! What do you want to call it? 'Willa Gray's First Song'?" Rhett says.

She then nods her head, and Rhett cues the track, saying, "Here we go!"

The jazzy tune starts with Willa Gray, singing, "You don't have to do nothing for yourself."

A few lines later, Rhett's daughter makes it clear that she wants to have some fun: "Your name is Willa Gray. I want to come to play."

The budding musician then names a few of her friends and her sisters, Ada James, 4, and Lennon Love, 18 months. Dad even loans his vocals to the track at this point and says, "Hey!"

Will Gray continues, singing, "Anybody doesn't have to go home. You can spend the night with us."

Rhett's fans seemed to dig the song.

"Look out Dad, she's going to take over," one of his followers wrote. Another commented "And the Grammy goes to….Willa Gray!👏🏾👏🏾

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Last year, the country singer and his wife, Lauren Akins, told Kelly Clarkson what inspired them to adopt Willa Gray.

“I’d always talked about adopting my whole life,” the mother of three said. “My mom is actually adopted. I just thought it was really cool. And we had talked about it off and on, but it wasn’t something that we’d sat down and had a full-on adoption conversation.”

When Akins was in Uganda in 2016, she met Willa Gray and felt an instant connection.

"The second I touched her, it was electric. I was like, ‘Oh, this little girl has just taken my heart.’ And I was like, 'Honey, we’ve got to find her her forever home. Like, I know that’s why I’m here — to get this girl to her home,’” she said.

In May, the couple announced that they are expecting their fourth child, another girl.

"Well… we are pregnant again! Tonight when I was on stage in Fort Worth about to play 'to the guys that date my girls' my wife talked to me in my (ear monitors) and said 'you can tell them if you want' so anyways, now you know. We are pumped to be having our 4th girl🙌🙌🙌," the proud dad wrote on Instagram.

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