Sex killer ‘strangled lover’s daughter, 13, to death with scarf while her mum was in hospital suffering miscarriage’

A CONVICTED sex killer has shown police how he strangled his lover’s teenage daughter after her mum suffered a miscarriage.

Nikita Silnov, 33, was arrested this week over the murder of Viktoria Kravtsova, 13, when her mother was in hospital in Nelidovo, western Russia, after losing her unborn child.

Taken in handcuffs to the home he shared with his lover Ekaterina, 40, and her daughter, he said calmly to cops: "I put a scarf on her (neck) and threw her on the sofa.”

According to local media, Russian cops are probing whether Viktoria was allegedly raped before she was killed.

Former prison officer Ekaterina was fired from her job when her secret relationship with the convict – which began behind bars – emerged.

In court she said he had been a “perfect father” to her daughter, 13.

It has been reported that the single mum believed she could "tame" the killer.

After Ekaterina had left her daughter in the care of her lover while she was in hospital, both Viktoria and Silnov stopped answering their phones.


The worried mother asked the emergency services to check her flat, and after breaking in, officers found the girl’s body. 

Silnov had disappeared and Ekaterina’s laptop, credit cards and fur coat were missing. 

After being detained by police, he confessed to the girl's murder, authorities said.

He told police he killed Viktoria to “ease the pain” when he was on “designer drugs” after he “buried his daughter” with Ekaterina who died soon after birth, say reports.

The distraught mother said she did not know he was on drugs.

Details also emerged of how Silnov was involved in a love triangle while serving a 15-year sentence for rape and murder.

As well as having a secret relationship with Ekaterina he wedded another woman in jail in the Tver region.

The other unnamed woman gave birth to one child before he was granted early release in 2019, before she had their second child.

His children are now aged two and one.


Their mother said that Silnov was "always nice with his daughters," a report says.

The couple married during his affair with jailer Ekaterina, who also became pregnant twice from Silnov.

In 2007, Silnov was convicted of murdering and sexually attacking a woman and attempting to kill a child, say reports.

He was convicted and sentenced under Russia's rape laws after he severely beat his female neighbour, smashing her skull and breaking her ribs.

The woman died in hospital a week later.

He threw her child down a 60ft stairwell but the underage girl clung onto a railing and was rescued by neighbours.

Silnov was detained for two months by a court in Tver pending the investigation into Viktoria’s death.

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