Rally driver’s high-speed race comes to end when bonnet flies open

Rally driver’s high-speed race comes to an abrupt end when the bonnet suddenly flies open as he hurtles along a country lane

  • Rally car racer Ant McCarrick suffered a mishap during a country road race
  • The Irish rally driver was shocked as the bonnet flew up and blocked the view
  • Luckily the navigator managed to get the misshapen bonnet back in place 

A rally car duo got the shock of their life when their bonnet flew up and blocked the windscreen during a high speed race.

Footage shows Art McCarrick from County Sligo, Ireland, and John McCay, from Derry, Ireland, take to the road in a rally race.

A referee counts down from five as driver Mr McCarrick prepares to boost off at speed.

Rally car drivers Art McCarrick and John McCay from Ireland are shocked when a bumper flies up and blocks their view

A camera from inside the car shows the duo hurtling down a narrow country lane in their Opel Adam R2 car.

They soon reach a stretch of straight road and the driver immediately accelerates with speed.

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But suddenly the bonnet flies up and smacks against the windscreen, completely blocking the view. 

One of the rally racers screams ‘Oh! Bonnet!’ as the blue, red and yellow piece of metal flaps against the window.

Mr McCarrick takes off at speed and race long a country road in their Opel Adam R2 car

The car quickly stops the car as navigator Mr McCay leaps out to try and push the bonnet back into place

The driver pulls to a stop at lightning speed as navigator Mr McCay jumps out and attempts to push the misshapen bonnet back in to place with difficulty.

Luckily the racing duo managed to see the funny side.

Art McCarrick tweeted: ‘Unwritten rules of rallying number 503: Always double check that the bonnet pins are fastened.

‘From John getting out of the car, beating the thing shut and getting back into the car it took a minute and half. And only then did we realise the bonnet broke the wiper mechanism.’

One Twitter user replied: ‘I close my suitcase going on holidays easier than that bonnet.’ 

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