Birds swarm to drink from captain’s cuppa – even perching on his head

It’s a flock of tea-gulls! Birds swarm to drink from captain’s cuppa – even perching on his head and shoulders to take a sip

  • Captain Ole-Martin Dahl, from Norway, has a close relationship with seagulls
  • Ellie Rothnie, from Wales, captured the birds stealing sips from his cup of tea
  • Screeches from the gulls can be heard in the footage as they get overexcited 

This is the bizarre moment a flock of seagulls swarm around a boat captain to drink his cup of tea.  

Ellie Rothnie, from Powys, Wales, was leading a photography trip on the boat in Flatanger, Norway.

The captain Ole-Martin Dahl, who is also known as ‘Norway’s very own Eagle Man’, surprised passengers with his close relationship with the gulls.

A flock of seagulls swarm boat captain Ole-Martin Dahl as he holds out a cup of tea for them to drink

Dozens of seagulls can be seen each taking a turn to dip into the mug which the captain holds up high as he smiles.

Screeches from the gulls can be heard as they get overexcited about the treat from the captain and even perch on his shoulders and head.

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Ms Rothnie said: ‘Ole has developed a relationship with the gulls over many years.

‘It’s fair to say that he loves them, as much as he does the white-tailed sea eagle.

‘The seagulls feed and attract the White-tailed sea eagles near to the boat, and this is the best way to then photograph the eagle.

Mr Dahl smiles as dozens of seagulls dip in and out to take a sip from the mug of tea he holds up high

Mr Dahl has developed a close relationship with the gulls who often perch on his shoulders or head

Ellie Rothnie who was leading a photography trip, is pictured with an angry gull sitting on top of her head

‘Ole believes that a Norweigan fjord without gulls is a dead coast. In essence seagulls are very important to the ecosystem.

‘Ole feeds the seagulls from the boat and this attracts the attention of the White-tailed sea eagles. 

‘Over many years, he has developed the trust of these gulls, and they will stand on his head waiting for some food.

‘They may even stand on a willing photographer’s head.’

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