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PRINCE Harry is "desperate" to see Meghan Markle and his baby Archie after landing in Canada.

The 35-year-old hadn't seen his wife and son for 11 days before jetting in from London to his new North America home after quitting as a royal.

It came after he said the decision to step back had come after "months of talks after so many years of challenges".

He said: "I know I haven't always gotten it right, but as far as this goes, there really was no other option."

And he insisted the UK was his home and "a place that I love", adding: "That will never change".

But the sixth-in-line to the throne appeared happy to arrive on Vancouver Island last night, stepping into a waiting silver Toyota 4X4 that whisked him away to Meghan at their £11 million mansion hideaway.

The royal rebel’s arrival following nearly two weeks of negotiation with senior royals and aides came after eight-month-old son Archie’s bedtime.

His beaming demeanour matched that of the 38-year-old duchess, who had been spotted out hiking with Archie cuddled close to her chest in an island park hours earlier.

Harry was so eager to leave London he ducked out of a Buckingham Palace evening reception he was supposed to be co-hosting.

Yesterday, Prince Harry appeared at the UK-Africa Investment Summit in Greenwich alongside Boris Johnson, meeting the presidents of Malawi and Mozambique and the prime minister of Morocco.

But he skipped the later engagement to board a nine-and-a-half hour afternoon British Airways flight to Vancouver connecting with a light plane to the nearby island.

The Canadian airport is just a 10-minute drive from the stunning secluded mansion – owned by a mystery pal – in North Saanich where Meghan was waiting.

Harry is expected to sleep off his jet lag before spending time catching up with his family and fine-tuning their plans for their new non-royal life.


But questions remained on exactly how their £1 million-a-year Canadian security costs will be met and whether Prince Charles should get tax breaks on the huge sums he is still paying his son.

Harry and Meghan – whose loathing of “soul-crushing” royal protocols helped spark the crisis – must now decide where to relocate to when they begin reshaping their lives.

But they are expected to take their time mulling over their plans while lapping up the luxury of their six-bedroomed dream home.

Toronto is seen as the most likely new home for the Sussexes after Meghan spent seven years there while starring in TV drama Suits.

She was pictured momentarily struggling to contain boisterous Archie in a baby sling while walking her dogs on a beautiful woodland trail.

She appeared happy and carefree as she soaked up the stunning scenery at Horth Hill Regional Park, a ten minute drive from her beachside mansion on Monday morning.

Harry and Meghan took their beagle Guy and a black Labrador Oz to the exclusive Island for their six-week break before Megxit.

Two royal protection officers watched from a discreet distance pacing behind Meghan as she strolled outdoors on the islan d for the first time with the tot.

Harry has more engagements in Britain in the next couple of months as they "transition" away from being full-time royals so will have to be shuttle between the two counties – but Meghan is not expected back in the UK for the foreseeable future.

It is not known when he will return but a Sussex source said there were "more engagements to come" in Britain for the prince before the spring.

During their six-week Christmas break, Harry and Meghan stayed in an £11 million waterfront mansion on Vancouver Island, located on Canada's southwestern coast.

The city has well-heeled neighbourhoods including Forest Hill and Deer Park, home to Meghan's best friend, Jessica Mulroney, and her TV presenter husband Ben, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian.

She has praised the city for its lack of paparazzi.

She said: "It's really funny because I think as much of a big city as Toronto is, it's so different from LA or New York. There [are] no paparazzi so it's really easy to just have a normal life."

In Canada, Meghan plans to campaign on issues close to her heart – such as the two organisations for vulnerable women and children in Vancouver where she made her first post-Megxit visits last week.


Despite the chaos, the Royal Family has continued with their royal duties.

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cornwall responded "of course" when asked if she would miss the couple.

Meanwhile, big brother Prince William hosted a huge bash at Buckingham Palace for the 21 African delegations and their spouses.

It is the first time the Queen has asked him to host a major state occasion inside the Palace as he gears up for his future role as King.

It comes as The Sun revealed how Harry and William have ended their two-year feud after realising it was "now or never".

The pair made up in man-to-man peace talks away from the high-stress royal summit at Sandringham with their dad Prince Charles and the Queen.

But sources say Harry is still at odds with his father over the sensational decision to quit the royal family.

On Saturday The Queen confirmed that from the spring they will relinquish their HRH titles as they seek "a more independent life" in North America.

The couple will not receive public funds anymore and will have to pay the taxpayer the £2.4 million that was spent on refurbishing Frogmore Cottage.

The Sun says

THE problem with Harry saying he and Meghan had no option but to move abroad to avoid our “powerful media” is that not a word of it is true.

It is sheer paranoia to say the Press has done anything but legitimately scrutinise a publicly-funded couple.

And the reality is they do not want to avoid media. They want to avoid criticism. Indeed they crave media attention if it meekly writes their PR puff pieces.

Corbyn’s Labour is the same.

As for having no choice, what drivel.

They could have grown up, developed a thicker skin and done their royal duty as they first promised.

To pretend that dark forces made them seek a vast fortune as A-list celebs in the LA sunshine is self-serving cobblers.

They will need to pay the estimated £30,000 a month upkeep bills at the Windsor home – but will be allowed to keep funding from Charles' person income from the Duchy of Cornwall and are now free to cash in on commercial ventures.

Questions have been raised about how Harry and Meghan will continue with their "Sussex Royal" brand when they cease being working royals.

This issue and other questions – including funding for the couple and their son Archie's protection – have yet to be resolved.

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