Pennsylvania police cruiser windshield shattered by tire that flies off pickup truck in stunning video

Tire slams into windshield of Pennsylvania police cruiser

Officers with the Spring Township Police Department were monitoring traffic when a tire from a pickup truck slammed into their windshield.

Police officers in Pennsylvania on Monday were monitoring traffic when a tire from a pickup truck flew through the air and smashed their front windshield. 

The officers were parked in the median lane on the 1300 block of Zion Road in Spring Township, Pennsylvania, when the tire came off a pickup truck, hit the dividing lane, and smashed into the windshield. 

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    The tire from a pickup truck seen flying through the air.  (Spring Township Police Department)

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    Officers shield their eyes as glass shards fly through the interior of the police cruiser.  (Spring Township Police Department)

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    A police cruiser.  (Facebook/Spring Township Police Department)

Dashcam footage released by the department shows the windshield shattering upon impact. The department said that after striking the cruiser, the tire launched into the air and hit a moving vehicle coming in the other direction. 

Bodycam footage from one of the officers inside shows both officers appearing to shield their eyes before the tire hits the windshield, sending glass shards into the interior of the vehicle.

The department said the cruiser suffered some “extensive damage” but both officers and the pickup truck driver were not injured. 

Spring Township is about 70 miles northwest of Philadelphia. 

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