Neighbor complains about grandad's 'embarrassing' and ‘low class Mexican’ yard decorations in 'racist' letter

A GRANDAD who enjoys decorating his front yard received a cruel letter from a neighbor slamming his "low class Mexican" decor.

The letter, which many have decried as incredibly racist and misguided, was shared online by the Ohio man's grandaughter last week and has since been shared thousands of times.

The letter was typed on a typewriter and featured quite a few typos along with a series of insults and racist terms.

"My wife and I exercise every so oftenby [sic] walking around the neighborhood, but each time we walk in front of your house we've noticed that you have put up yet another new decoration or ornament in front of your house," the letter begins.

"Oh my God – Enough already," it continues. "All the people that we know in our neighborhood have commented on the EXCESSIVE decorations in front of your house – and am sorry to say, your house has become, and is, the laughing joke of the neighborhood."

The bullying neighbor continues to insult the grandfather's taste when decorating his own home.

"Some of our friends have even purposefully driven in front of your house just to see how RIDICULOUS all of those decorations look like – and needless to say, they all laugh," it continued. "All those decorations are in 'bad taste' and only goes to prove to everyone that a 'low class Mexican family' lives there, or some Gypsy family."

The neighbor goes on to insult the man for displaying multiple American flags, and says that compared to all the other homes in the neighborhood, the man's decor is "embarrassing."

The anonymous writer signed the letter: "Sincerely, The decent, middle-class people with Class of Thunderbird Hills sub-division."

Considering the ranting nature of the letter, many Twitter users who read it expected the house to be absolutely covered in outrageous decor.

However, the man's granddaughter – who goes by the handle @goldenstef – shared photos of the home, which featured one large flag, a few potted plants on the grass and a handful of hanging knickknacks near the front door.

Users were shocked that the simple decor would spark such an extreme response. Some even offered to send the man some more lawn decorations.

"What? That's it? THATS IT?" wrote one user who goes by the handle @Ashley0928. "I read the letter I was picturing every inch of the lawn being covered. THEY WROTE THAT LETTER FOR THIS? THAT IT??? I'm am [going to] send so many more decorations we will cover every inch of that lawn!!"

"THAT IS LITERALLY THE CUTEST HOUSE," wrote another with the handle @curtajncall. "I DONT UNDERSTAND WHERE IT COULD HAVE BEEN 'EXCESSIVE' just say your house is boring and move on."

"His house is so cute and welcoming!!," wrote user @tiaraflowapowa. "It's love to walk past and see it! Not only are his neighbors rude by they have 0 taste."

Hundreds of Twitter users added that they admired the effort the man put into maintaining his home and urged him to keep on decorating.

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