Mysterious tiny home between two alleys sparks debate over its origins from taxi garage to 'spite house'

A MYSTERIOUS tiny home wedged between two alleyways has sparked a debate over its origins.

The miniature red-brick home in Birkenhead looks only big enough to contain one room – but plenty of theories are being thrown around as to why it was built.

The discussion began when a photo of 64 Westbourne Road was posted on a local Facebook group, The Liverpool Echo reports.

The resident wrote: "Just driven past this house – there must be a story to this one?!"

It wasn’t long until hundreds of people were giving their two cents.

One woman suggested it may have been a gatehouse for another larger home along the street – while another believed the building was used as an old outhouse.

However, several residents remembered what it had been used for during their childhoods.

One man wrote: "It used to be some kind of motor mechanics or garage.

"When I was a lad in the late 70s and early 80s, back in the day and before these new-fangled changes came in, you could walk through that alleyway from Grange Mount to Westbourne Road, and there were always cars being serviced at the back.

"Someone said it was specifically for taxis, but I don't recall that."

Another woman also believed taxis were involved, adding: "I thought it was the taxi office but could be wrong. Definitely not a house."

However, one local mentioned that the building may have been an old kiosk, and that it may have once been used by coal merchants.

With the answers being given sparking even more questions – some residents went as far consulting old Ordinance Survey maps.

One man said: "The 1888-1913 OS map doesn’t clarify any part of the situation either. If anything, it brings more questions to the matter."

Another resident added: "Plans from 1840 [show] there used to be a small private park behind the houses on Grange mount and this building was there. Possibly a gate house for the park."

But another suggestion was that it was built as a "spite house" to irritate neighbours or anyone who may have land stakes.

Finally, one woman but many arguments to bed, explaining: : "I use to live next door – it’s a dump. It's just got a toilet and a tiny room, you can’t even swing a cat in.

"It’s full of taxi parts and other rubbish and there’s a garage at the back. It’s falling apart inside, just used as a taxi rank and dumping ground."

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