My neighbour built 20ft wall of rubbish by our house and set up hidden spy cameras in petty row over noise | The Sun

A WOMAN has claimed her "creepy" neighbours set up hidden spy cameras facing her property and built a 20-foot "wall of rubbish" next to her home after she complained about them making noise.

Shannon Tanner from Waynesville in the US state of Missouri says her dream home has turned into a nightmare thanks to her neighbours' increasingly sinister behaviour.

What began as a petty row over noise has escalated into a full-blown feud involving harassment, guns, and threatening messages.

But instead of helping her, the mum-of-two claims that police in Pulaski County Missouri where she lives have repeatedly targeted her and her husband after the neighbours called up with bogus charges.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Shannon said the situation has become so bad that she's contemplating leaving the town that she grew up in and the home that she loves.

"We've lived here for over eight years," she said. "We've raised our kids on this land here. This is the only home they've ever known."


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The stay-at-home mum says the trouble started not long after her new neighbours moved in just over a year ago.

Shannon said her neighbours, a man and his girlfriend and sister, later joined by his father, began making noise all throughout the night.

"They would be banging on metal up until five, six o'clock in the morning, every single night," she said.

"When we asked them to keep it down because our daughters have school in the morning, it made them angry."

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This is when, Shannon claims, her neighbours' behaviour became especially bizarre.

"They turned it into a game," she said. "We woke up one day to a couch, a full living room set on top of their shed, watching my property.

"We had already put up a six-foot privacy fence. The amount of effort they put into harassing us was just amazing. They put up a ceiling fan and everything."

But relations took a darker turn when Shannon and her husband discovered spy cameras hidden on the edge of the property, directly facing their home.

She shared a video of one of the cameras, disguised behind some shrubbery, on her TikTok, where it has been watched some two million times in the past month.

"The cameras really bothered us," she said. We have two little girls here and you've got grown men over there that should not be videotaping kids."

One of them came outside with their shotgun and shot at my husband

At one point, Shannon says, the neighbours built a 20-foot wall of junk next to their property.

"When we looked up at the wall, we saw they had put a doll at the very top of the wall one night, and they had put a noose around her neck," she said.

"The cops didn't do anything. They didn't see that as harassment or a threat."

Things became actively dangerous this year when the neighbours started bringing their guns out and threatening Shannon and her family.

"One night after a confrontation, one of them came outside with their shotgun and shot at my husband," she said.

"I screamed and came running out of the house after the sound, but I couldn't see my husband. The neighbours told me they had shot and killed him and to call the cops.

"That's when I came back out with my own firearm. My husband was fine, but in the meantime, the neighbours had called the cops and said we had been threatening them, and we ended up getting arrested."

The neighbours also wrote threatening and bizarre messages on their RV facing Shannon's home, such as "Someone send help", or branding her family "New Age Cyber Pervert Bullies".

Compared to her beautifully-kept home, Shannon says, their neighbours' home is like "a junkyard".

She went on: "They've got this big old trash pile where they just leave stuff, and then they have another one closer to my fence.

"They actually take their trash cans and dump it right there. The smell over there is just crazy. I don't know how it's allowed."

Describing the moment she bought her home, Shannon said: "It was like hitting the jackpot. We saw the diamond in the rough and we made it beautiful here."

But her neighbours' behaviour has left the family feeling unsafe, and contemplating giving up everything and moving away.

"We have severe anxiety and PTSD now," Shannon said. "Anytime we hear a loud noise in the middle of the night, we instantly think, 'is that our neighbour out there shooting his gun? Is he threatening our family?

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"My stress and health have declined incredibly."

The Sun Online has approached Pulaski County Sheriff's Office and Waynesville City Council for comment.

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