My family lives in a flat so mouldy we have to stop leaks with an UMBRELLA in the bathroom

A FAMILY have been living in a flat with mould so thick that they have to stop leaks with an umbrella in the bathroom.

Gulus and Seyho Celik, 56 and 69, are severely disabled and live in a third-floor flat in Waltham Forest, North East London.

As they aren't able to use stairs, they have to stay inside most of the time except for attending hospital appointments.

But they have been plagued by mould in the home after rain reportedly began pouring from the ceiling in the bathroom.

Their daughter told MyLondon: “They gave us a hostel, and then a couple of months later they offered us that place. It wasn't easy to get that place, to be honest.

"But after getting in there the situation got worse. So many things started happening – problems in the house.

“We told them that because of my parents' health problems it wasn't suitable for them."

Mum Gulus has a condition called Fibromyalgia, which causes severe pain all over the body. Dad Seyho has problems with both of his knees and he is required to visit the hospital regularly.

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The family have asked the council for somewhere that either is on the ground floor or has with a chair lift but have had no success so far.

Instead, they have to deal with persistent problems once they moved in.

It started to rain a few weeks after they moved in and water began pouring from the ceiling.

Their daughter said: “First of all, they had mice everywhere. They (the housing company) didn't take care of that, even though we told them so many times.

"The roof was supposed to be fixed but they kept finding excuses of why the roof can't be fixed – they can't find someone to do it, there's a problem with the property."

The family share a small toilet, which is the room that leaks the most.

They say the situation was so bad that they were forced to wedge an umbrella onto the ceiling.

“The biggest problem is the mould and the leaking,” she said.


"One of the rooms we can't use because of the leaking and the mould. My sister couldn't use her room so she's sleeping in the living room.

“But then the mould started happening in the living room. So literally every room in the house has mould. It's like it's raining all the time inside.

“And there’s no electricity, nothing at all.”

The family claim they have been let down by Waltham Forest Council and the housing company.

The flat owners say they have been offered alternative accommodation but have refused.

Gulus added: "We are not looking for place for pleasure, we just want a safe and healthy place for all of us."

A Spokesperson from Let Sell Property, who owns the flat, said: "Let Sell Property is only merely the managing agent acting on behalf of the Leaseholder of the flat.

"The Roof works has been an issue which is currently being dealt between the Leaseholder and the freeholder with the leaseholder’s solicitors involved.

"We have always tried working alongside with the tenant by offering them alternative accommodation however they have refused to accept any other accommodations offered."

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