Mum-of-two's sudden death at 22 remains a mystery after she was found on bathroom floor two days after Christmas

THE tragic sudden death of a mum-of-two remains a mystery after an coroner's inquest failed to prove how she died.

Pathologist Dr Alison Armour said she "doesn't know" what caused Silhesha Chantel Sunderland's sudden death on December 27.

The 22-year-old was found unconscious in the bathroom of her home at around 11am the day after a drinking session with her partner Marc Scott and a friend on Boxing Day 2020.

Marc, who was planning to propose to Silhesha, "kept trying and trying" CPR on his partner.

Dr Armour's post mortem found "no evidence of trauma or injury, nothing significant internally" that may have caused the woman's death.

Reading from her report, coroner James Newman said: "There was… no damage to the heart, no vomit in her airways, the bladder was normal and although there was a little bit of blood in the abdominal cavity but Dr Armour says that because of her age and general good health it was such a small amount that there is no reason it could have caused her death.

"Ultimately Dr Armour says she doesn’t know what caused her death."

But the young woman's GP believes she may have suffered from an undetected heart condition known as Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS).

GP Penny Parr claimed the Bamber Bridge local had complained about abdominal pains in the months leading up to her death and, despite tests in March showing no abnormalities, believes the disease could the caused her to die.

"I think it would be sensible for family members to have an ECG test to look at where the electrical current is passing through the heart and the direction it passes around the heart," the GP told Preston Coroner's Court.

"It is possible that certain changes which you can see in a living heart might not be identifiable after death."

SADS sufferers live with an undetected heart condition which eventually leads to cardiac arrest. The disease affects around 500 people in the UK a year.

Coroner Newman concluded the 22-year-old accountant died of natural causes.

"The post mortem could find no cause of death and an unnatural cause was ruled out so the only possibility appears to be an unidentified medical condition.

"Whatever happened to Silhesha was a sudden and catastrophic event."

Silhesha leaves behind twins Aliyah and Hugo, her mum Vicky and partner Mark.

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