Miniature dachshund Frankie makes short work of rounding up his flock

Sausage sheepdog! Miniature dachshund Frankie makes short work of rounding up his flock

  • Miniature dachshund Frankie manages to herd dozens of sheep into paddocks
  • Six-year-old Frankie bravely chases the sheep in Girilambone, New South Wales
  • Charlie Rowlands captured adorable footage of the dog’s work on September 28 

A miniature dachshund proved he had nerves of steel when the tiny dog bravely rounded up his entire flock of sheep in Australia.

In an adorable video taken by Charlie Rowlands, six-year-old sausage dog Frankie shows his success as a herding dog by rounding sheep into farm paddocks.

Despite not being a traditional sheep dog, measuring at just five to seven inches, Frankie easily settles into his new line of work in Girilambone, New South Wales.

Six-year-old miniature dachshund Frankie takes on the job of a herding dog by rounding sheep into paddocks in Girilambone, New South Wales

The adorable pooch bravely chases the sheep across the pen even though he is outnumbered by dozens of farm animals.

The man filming shouts at two runaway sheep, Rusty and Frank, to ‘come back’ but the tiny dog still manages to chase down the massive livestock. 

Little Frankie gives professional sheep dogs a run for their money even though he does not have the obvious skills of a working dog, the footage captured on September 28 shows.

His owner said: ‘Frankie is a six-year-old Mini dachshund. He loves the farm life and in this video is helping move a new mob of sheep out to the paddocks.’ 

He added that Frankie is a ‘real character’ and loves getting involved with all aspects of farm life, from chasing pigs to mustering sheep.

Unlike sausage dogs, Australian Shepherds are normally recognised as a traditional working sheep dog in New South Wales. 

Adorable footage, captured by Charlie Rowlands on September 28, shows the tiny dog bravely chasing dozens of massive livestock across a large pen

Despite not having the traditional skills of a working dog, the tiny dachshund manages to herd all the sheep into the paddocks – even the two disobedient animals Rusty and Frank

English Shepherds, border collies and kelpies are also considered to be skilled stock dogs and are highly regarded for their obedience. 

Dachshunds, on the other hand, are known to be incredibly playful dogs and can have a streak of mischief when they are being trained. 

But the short-legged pooches were bred as scent hound dogs to hunt badgers and other tunnelling animals, including rabbits and foxes.

The breed are now considered to be good family dogs, as they are loyal companions, successful watchdogs and are good with children.

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