Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B may NEVER be charged as cops have no 'concrete evidence', says lawyer

MADELEINE McCann prime suspect Christian B is unlikely to be charged, his lawyer has sensationally claimed.

The 44-year-old convicted paedophile and rapist was named by German police last year as the man responsible for her abduction and murder.

But despite months of insisting he is their main focus, he has still not been charged, leaving devastated parents Kate and Gerry wondering if they will ever find out what happened.

Speaking on a new documentary called Prime Suspect: The Madeleine McCann Case, Christian B's lawyer Friedrich Fulscher said: ''My client hasn't been charged with anything.

''He is under investigation and under suspicion. I have to assume that they do not have any concrete evidence. I think that's quite typical for us Germans.

''We think we are something special, at least in Europe, and think we can do things better than other nations. We will see if that is the case but I don't think so.''

Christian B was named last June by prosecutors in Germany who said they had ''concrete evidence'' that Madeleine was dead – but have not revealed anything else on the case.

Madeleine vanished in May 2007 from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz and has not been seen since, but the suspect was living locally at the time.

Police said his mobile was in the vicinity of the Ocean Club apartments the hour before she vanished and his paedophile past makes him a prime suspect.

Speaking last October, Fulscher, who has always insisted his client has nothing to do with the case, said police should reveal what they have for the sake of Kate and Gerry and his client.

''It is no secret that the Portuguese have a different theory of what happened to the German BKA (federal police).

"The German prosecution could put an end to this theory when they finally put their cards on the table.

''This would be fair to the suspect and for the parents – both sides could judge for themselves how robust they consider the evidence to be.''


Last month, German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters said he remains "hopeful of clarifying her disappearance".

 "We remain hopeful we can clarify the disappearance of Madeleine," he said/

"We have several cases against the suspect and hope to conclude them shortly."

It comes after chilling pictures showed Christian B standing in an abandoned factory where 8,000 sickening child abuse images were found.

The picture was unearthed by Danish TV journalists after they tracked down a now 62-year-old mysterious former ex-girlfriend of his identified in the new documentary.

Cops searched the former crate factory at Neuwegersleben near Hannover in 2016 as part of their investigation into a missing girl.

They made the sickening discovery of child abuse images on a USB stick as well as girls' swimming costumes and kids' clothes in a motorhome at the site.

It is thought to be the same vehicle Christian B was using in 2007, when Madeleine disappeared aged three, and that he later told friends was ideal for "hiding drugs and children".

He was jailed over the child abuse images found on the memory sticks.

Meanwhile, the man who bought Christian B's campervan said he wished "he'd never got caught up in the case".

Peter W paid £5,000 for the yellow and white Volkswagen T3 Westfalia in the Algarve, Portugal. in 2015.

He told the Mirror: "I got involved in something I had never thought of and I don’t wish on anyone."

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