Luka Magnotta has a sick Facebook fan page where supporters DEFEND Don't F**k With Cats killer

A SICKENING Facebook fan page has been set up dedicated to twisted 'Don't F**k With Cats' cannibal killer Luka Magnotta.

And besotted supporters are using it to defend his crimes – which include chopping up and eating a student.

Despite the true horror of his actions, legions have joined the online group called 'Failed Scheme to Frame Luka Magnotta'.

The Canadian killer gained notoriety after posting videos which showed him killing kittens, before later footage showed another pet being eaten alive by a python.

Just two years later, in May 2012, he murdered Chinese international student Jun Lin and shared footage of the gruesome killing.

The video titled '1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick' was uploaded online and depicted Lin being tied to a bed frame and repeatedly being stabbed.

He was then dismembered followed by vile acts of cannibalism which feature in the Netflix documentary 'Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer'.

The three-part expose reveals how the cyber killer fell through the cracks of police forces around the world before being tracked down by armchair detectives.

The so-called Canadian Psycho –  a former gay porn star – was eventually jailed for life despite his claims he was  an insane schizophrenic not accountable for his actions.

Swarms of  the killer’s fans have already joined the online group and many clearly believe he is innocent, the Daily Star reports.

One with the user name Nico Tineman writes: “Consider the fact that Luka was being framed.

"Because he was being framed, the people framing him were doing everything possible to make it LOOK like Luka in those videos.

“If it WAS Luka, he could have easily not shown anything which would even remotely make it look like him.”

A third with the account name Rob Ryan PT posted: “Finished watching the Netflix series and straight away I could see something wasn't right with it.

“If he really has mental health issues surely he should been psychiatric hospital not a prison. So many flaws in the case and lack of evidence.”

Magnotta fled Canada shortly after the murder and became a subject of an international manhunt.

He was eventually apprehended in an internet cafe in Berlin while reading the news about himself.

Earlier this month we reported how Magnotta's mother was branded "delusional" after she insisted the killer was influenced by an unknown friend called "Manny".

Anna Yourkin claimed a 'third hand' in the shocking cat killing videos reveals that he was not working alone.

She has also claimed that the police have stopped her from releasing a picture of the man known only as "Manny".

In the Netflix documentary, viewers were shown footage of the horrifying videos Luka posted online of cats being tortured, and a third hand is visible in the clips.

The documentary makers never investigate whose hand we see on screen, and Anna told TMZ that the police need to look into this further.

"In the cat killing video there is a third hand, as you can see, my son's two hands and third hand. You can't see a face so it's unidentifiable… but Manny was there," she said.

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