Landlord's BRUTAL 'sex life' jibe after couple leave 'disappointing' review

A SAVAGE pub landlord has hit back at a couple's SEX LIFE after theygave a "disappointing" review of his establishment.

Diners Lizzie and Jamie claimed their experience "wasn't the best" after visiting the Claycutters Arms at Chudleigh Knighton – with the owner quick to reply saying: "We will never get it perfect… probably like your sex life".

The couple, who are both train drivers from Exeter, had written online that they were looking for a good Sunday roast dinner and chose the Devon pub after returning there for the first time in years.

Following the meal, Lizzie left online feedback saying: "Went here for a roast, the meat & Yorkshire pudding were lovely, but the rest was disappointing and the service wasn't the best."

But the couple were shocked when the landlord Ivan replied under 'response from the owner'.

He said: "I'm sometimes completely at a loss to what some folks expect as service?"

"We get so many saying it's great then a few… actually very few saying it's not… so Lizzie help us by telling us why?

"What do you expect???

"I have no idea what needs fixing but just to be clear reviews like this are so upsetting to our team that give up their Sundays to serve you.

"But tell us why ffs the same for the food!

"We have to make this place work for us and all those that depend on the pub. We need feedback, but this really is a complete waste of everybody's time.

"So hopefully you won't be coming back but if you do or for anyone else reading grab Ivan, Jane, Emily or Tom and talk to us.

"But ask if I'm in a good mood first! Xx.

"We will never get it perfect – probably like your sex life."

On Tripadvisor The Claycutters gets an average rating of four (very good) from 457 reviews – including 240 Excellent five stars.

And locals have taken to social media in support of the pub, praising Ivan's no-nonsense approach.

One said: "Go Ivan. A brilliant pub – seriously get a grip we are lucky our pubs are back open about time we stop pandering to idiots especially those who moan about vegetables."

A second said: "Good on you Ivan.

"We will be back soon and insult me as much as you want. We know what a great job you and your staff have been doing during difficult times.

"A third said: "Its a cracking pub I love the fact he fights back about pathetic reviews."

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