King Richard used Serena and Venus Williams to get rich and they were 'pawns in his chess game', his daughter claims

KING Richard used Serena and Venus Williams to get rich and they were just 'pawns in his chess game', his daughter has sensationally claimed.

The former tennis coach made it his number one priority for his daughters to become the best in the game and even wrote a 78-page manifesto outlining his blueprint for success.

He is being portrayed in the Oscar-nominated movie King Richard by Hollywood star Will Smith, and his estranged daughter Sabrina has slammed the film.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun at her home in Las Vegas, she said: "I feel [sad] that he was portrayed in the movie King Richard as a great dad and everything.

"To me, they [Serena and Venus] were pawns for him. It's like a chess game.

The news comes as:

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  • Richard’s grandson tragically takes his own life
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"It's whoever he could get to do what he needed to, to get himself money and get rich and be famous, you know, because he's just like a king in his mind, and he's so important."

Richard, 80, married Sabrina's late mom Betty Johnson in Los Angeles in the early sixties and they had four other children – Richard III, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka.

He dumped his wife and five kids, allegedly walking out of the door to buy Sabrina a bike – and never returning – then went on to marry Serena and Venus's mother Oracene.

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The Sun has made several attempts to reach Richard Williams for comment.

Sabrina said: "I didn't go see the movie. I was told that I wasn't mentioned in the movie. There are some references in King Richard that reference the family. But the true story wasn't told.

"In the movie Gucci, did they tell a backstory, and then they told the whole story, right? Think about Muhammad Ali. Did they tell the backstory? And they told the front story. Even Martin Luther King."

Sabrina says she met her tennis playing half-siblings only once, by chance, at Knott's Berry Farm, a theme park in California, when the pair were teenagers.

She approached her famous dad and he said he wanted to stay in touch, but the number he gave her later didn't work and she was left feeling abandoned again.

Despite achieving their wildest dreams of fame and fortune after being coached by their father, Sabrina says she isn't jealous of her half-sisters Serena and Venus.

"I wouldn't swap places with Venus and Serena and if I had to do my life all over again from eight years old to 57, I would repeat it," she said.

"You know why? Because [this is] the person I am today. I've heard people say he [Richard] was pushy. He demanded a lot.

"I can't imagine, like I never saw that part of my dad because I only had him for basically eight years. But my brother Richard and my brother Ronner they told me, you know, he was always like, just get this done, get this done."


Speaking about her parent's divorce, she claims Richard was unfaithful and walked out after an argument.

"I learned later, my dad was cheating on my mom," Sabrina claimed. "I can't quite remember, but he left and never looked back. He said he was gonna get me a bike, but he never came back.

"He's like, 'Sabrina' and he hugs me and he gives me a kiss. He left in the car, and that was it. From that moment when my mom told us my dad wasn't coming back, I just started kind of blanked part of that life. 

"We went from being, in my eyes, a well-to-do family, to basically we're, we're down in the dumps and my mom's trying to help us survive and do anything that she can for us. And my mom really worked hard. My mom was our mom and dad. 

"I don't know if my mom was aware he was leaving that day. I don't know. I just know that when she told us it was like a couple of days later, just your dad's not coming back and that was it.

"She didn't talk about it anymore. The look on her face, for me it was just this sadness and she was trying to be brave, I didn't ask questions. I don't remember any of my brothers and sisters asking questions. 

"I felt rejected at first when my mom told me, but then I instantly [thought] that he'd be back, he'll be back, it's my mom is, no, she doesn't understand, she just doesn't get it. He'll be back. That's why I kept saying in my mind."

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