KANYE WEST LIVE: Elon Musk kicks disgraced rapper off Twitter

KANYE WEST LIVE: Latest news as Elon Musk kicks disgraced rapper off Twitter after Trump-backer’s anti-Semitic Hitler rant on Alex Jones’s Infowars

Elon Musk suspended disgraced rapper Kanye West’s twitter account on Thursday after he shared a picture of a swastika inside a Star of David.

Hours earlier in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, West sparked outrage by declaring his ‘love’ of Nazis and his admiration for Adolf Hitler.

His appearance on InfoWars and subsequent Twitter tirade is the latest in a series of vile antisemitic comments by West, which have left his reputation in tatters.

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Kanye West said he ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ Hitler, defended Nazis and denied the Holocaust on Thursday during an unhinged appearance on Alex Jones’ podcast InfoWars – that many viewers described as a live on-air mental breakdown.

Wearing a fabric mask to cover his entire face, West ranted: ‘I see good things about Hilter… every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.’

Later, he said the Germans ‘had a really good leader at one point’, and denied that Hitler had ordered the deaths of six million Jews.

You can watch a clip from West’s InfoWars appearance – which has sparked universal outrage and condemnation of the rapper – below.

Welcome to MailOnline’s live coverage of Kanye West’s suspension from Twitter, which happened overnight following a series of antisemitic comments. To recap:

Disgraced rapper Kanye West saw his Twitter account suspended by Elon Musk on Thursday night after he shared a picture of a swastika interlaced with a Star of David.

The post came hours after an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. West sparked outrage by declaring his ‘love’ of Nazis and his admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Musk, who reinstated West’s banned Twitter account just last month after taking control of the company in October, on Thursday night decided the musician’s latest outburst on his social media platform was the final straw.

West’s account was initially locked for 12 hours, preventing him from tweeting, and later suspended. It is unclear whether the suspension is temporary or permanent.

In recent weeks, West has made a string of vile antisemitic comments leaving his reputation in tatters, causing brands – including Adidas, Balenciaga and GAP – to leave him in droves. As a result, his net worth has plummeted.

His divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian was also finalised this week.

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