Putin’s ‘science guru’ claims West is trying to destroy Russia with deadly virus

Mad Vlad Putin's top science “guru” has made the bold claim that the West has launched a “deadly virus” with the aim of destroying the Russian population.

Mikhail Kovalchuk made the strange claim during a conference of young scientists, at which Putin was in attendance.

He told the audience how the West wanted to make Russia into a country full of “subservient people”, and that China was also being targetted.

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Kovalchuck, the president of the country's main nuclear research centre, the Kurchatov Institute pointed to the Coronavirus being “manipulated” as a way of it being done.

He said: “Covid will come with 100 per cent mortality and will slaughter everyone – they don't feel sorry for us.

“Why is there such an upsurge in medicine today?

“Because it has become far cheaper and easier to kill us biologically.

“Here is the answer, and you will never be able to expose the perpetrators.

“They will always say that everything they do is for the sake of people’s well-being, that they care about our health.

“But in fact, there is a weapon of mass destruction in effect.”

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Bizarrely, he claimed that these trends can only be resisted by preserving Russia’s culture and traditional values.

Kovalchuk and his brother Yury, 71, known as Putin’s “personal banker”, are among the Russian dictator’s closest cronies.

Around 15 years ago, the Russian Academy of Sciences rejected a Putin demand that Mikhail Kovalchuk be admitted as a full member.

"The dream of the Western elite…is how to bring out 'subservient people' so that there is no self-awareness and they the elite can reign, "he added.

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In his rambling address, he claimed: "Today, for the first time in the history of civilization, it is technologically possible, thanks primarily to genetics, to create 'subservient people’…”

Criticized for “pseudoscience” he warned the West wanted to pollute Russia with its values, using a “sledgehammer’ to destroy Putin’s autocratic state.

"The system of basic moral principles is being demolished and alternative ones are being planted," he said.

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